How to Write ENGAGING Content


Let’s talk about ENGAGEMENT for a sec.

We hear so many people every single day worrying about their engagement on social media. Guys, here are some things you can do – starting today! (Don’t worry… they’re pretty easy.)

1. Start small.

Don’t expect your audience to pause their scroll for an entire minute to answer a profound question you asked about them. We’re not here to share our deepest, darkest secrets – we’re here to be educated, inspired, and entertained.

2. Don’t just blather on about yourself.

Think of your social media as a customer service platform rather than a promotional platform. Show up to HELP your audience!

3. Call your audience to action.

Sometimes we need to be told that your latest post is worth saving / sharing / double tapping. There’s no need to do this on every single post, but if it flows with the content you’re providing don’t hesitate to give us a little nudge in the right direction!

4. Post content that’ll spark a conversation.

No need to chit-chat about the weather – ask us for an opinion and we’re much more likely to pause & reply.

When we DO comment on your post, put some effort into a reply! Getting a sentence or two out of your audience is a pretty big ask, and if all we get is a “heart” in return – well, that kinda sucks. Those comments are gold and when your audience is making an effort to chat with you WHY ARE YOU NOT TALKING BACK?!! (I get a little fired up about this one ?)

This is the tip of the iceberg, but it all comes down to showing up to SERVE.

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