August Content Guide (Service)

It feels like school juuuust let out, but we’re on the cusp of all of the goals & routines of the fall new year.

  • This new Instagram announcement has been stirring up a mess. Ever since they introduced stories, the platform has been slowly incorporating more video with less focus on square photos. This has been slowly happening over time! The grid isn’t going anywhere, so take a deep breath. (I’ve incorporated some bonus video suggestions in the prompts, so keep an eye out for those.)

  • It’s harvest season, which means you’re likely starting to enjoy the fruits of your labour from the last couple months. Gardeners, I’ll catch up with you one day… and if you have an extra zucchini laying around, I’ll take it. 😂

  • Back to school is soon (!!), and that’s followed closely by all the sales. Make sure that you continue to nurture your audience this month, so you can finish the year strong! (When checking that “outreach engagement” box on your list, go through your followers & leave love on their accounts instead of on your regular feed. 💪)


  • 02 Civic Holiday

National Days

  • 09 National Book Lover’s Day

  • 15 National Relaxation Day

  • 26 Women’s Equality Day

The Grid

Click each image to access the caption!

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Story Prompts

If you’re launching a product or running a promo, commit to hopping in and talking about it on stories every weekday for 5-8 days. Not sure what to say without being repetitive? Jot down common misconceptions / hesitations people have before purchasing from you. Address one every day!

You may have a few people in your audience that are ready to buy the second you drop something, but there are MORE people that need a few extra reminders. (You’re not being annoying, I promise.)

Not sure when reading turned from a have-to-do to a get-to-do activity for me, but man am I ever glad it did! What are you reading this summer? [question box]

The sweetest weekend of rest: no phones, no alarms, no dings, just ___. Are you due for a break? [slider with 100 emoji]

Okay, serious question: do YOU feel like you’re winning the day when you ___? I know this isn’t perfect but dang I’m on Cloud 1000. [slider]

There are only 1440 minutes in a day… and it’s totally okay to spend some of them resting! Share your break. [slider]

I swore I would never ___… but for real, this is my go-to! Can’t help it. Share why you love it. What’s your vote? [poll sticker]

Here’s the current state of affairs around here. I know, it’s pretty rough. But I’m counting on you guys to hold me accountable! What should I do about this? [poll sticker] Swoop in later with a before / after.

Okay, I know you’re just sitting here scrolling and we can’t have that. Time to use your brain! (Don’t worry, it won’t hurt a bit) Tell me something stupendous, fantastic, and wonderful in your life this week — I want to break up the scroll and celebrate with you! [question box]

Call your mom. Touch your toes. Invest in a good ___. Write one caption. Plan tomorrow’s dinner. Make this niche or audience specific.

You probably juuuuust pulled out your phone because you have ONE SECOND to breathe… but while I have you… tell your reader what she can do in ten minutes or less to make her day better tomorrow. [poll for an extra nudge of accountability]

Where are you working today? It’s summer days and you’re an entrepreneur, which could mean it’s the phone at the poolside or maybe you’re stuck inside a stuffy office. Either way, we’re interested.

I run my entire life from this purse… Here’s what’s inside. [poll BEFORE the grand reveal asking what they’re expecting — no cheating!]

This time of year always gets the wheels turning about what I’m going to tackle in my business. One thing I have my heart set on is [goal] — but I want to know what you want to see from me, too! [use poll stickers here for maximum engagement… question boxes often require more thought than people are willing to put in]

Reel Ideas

Using trending sounds helps your reel’s performance, but dancing and lip dubs aren’t always the best idea. Using YOUR face and YOUR voice are going to make your brand stand out and stick a lot longer than regurgitating the same thing that a hundred other people have done.

You can use any of the toolbox prompts (stories or captions!) in a reel, so peep through those again!

The purpose of the reel is to grab the attention of the viewer, almost like a headline. The tangible success of your reel is dependent on the caption, so make sure they’re juicy! (Again, mix & match from the caption starters if you need to.)

Explaining a reel idea & keeping it generic enough to include here is tricky. Visit the sounds for inspiration if you need to! (Just set a timer first)

🔊 = link to a sound

  • Bring the Action 🔊
    (When ___ tells me that ___ is a mess & doesn’t know where to start)

  • I’m Jealous 🔊
    (Share what your client’s life could look like if they purchased from you)
    Caption: If you’re ready to ___. Buy now!

  • Because of You 🔊
    (When I get asked why I ___)

  • Thank You for Coming to my Ted Talk 🔊
    (Quick nugget; longer explanation in caption)

  • Not Gonna Mess This Up 🔊
    (Mess it up)

  • If I Could Have a Moment 🔊
    (Share one BRIEF tip or bit of inspiration)

  • I Really Don’t Know 🔊
    (Weigh two of your offers and list the pros & cons in the caption)

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