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⚑ The human brain processes images 30,000 times faster than text β€” even if it’s an image with a bunch of text on top of it. And our teeny weeny attention spans adore a bulleted list because we’re skim skim skimming all day long. Let’s share a handy dandy checklist that your readers can save! (That signals the algorithms that this is useful info and it’ll get pushed out to more people)

πŸ’‘ Product: staging advice, product care
πŸ’‘ Service: website & seo audit, ig audit, decluttering checklist

Is your [home, website, etc] ready to [shine, hustle] as hard as you do?! Every [month or season] I do an audit on my [space, home, website]. As the seasons pass things tend to change & evolve and it’s impossible to stay on top of everything β€” so it’s a good idea to freshen things up a few times a year!

Here are a couple of things that most people tend to forget when they’re [auditing, cleaning or decluttering]

[list items here]

Don’t forget to hit save… and of course, I’m tickled to answer any questions you have in the comments!


If Only I’d Known

⚑ You know how important social proof is… here’s a fun way for your clients & customers to sell your services for you! (If your engagement tends to be quite low, try this in stories with the question sticker instead & share the answers there. No shame in adding one or two of your own. )

πŸ’‘ Product or Service: key purchases or first investments people make in your niche

Text On Image: If you could go back in time & tell yourself something before you [registered for your bridal / baby shower, purchased your first big piece of furniture, walked into your first coaching session, etc], what would it be?

I think I’d just walk up to past me & say thank you. Well, that and [insert your biggest lesson in a nutshell] πŸ˜‚ Whether your first [class, hire, etc] was last week or ten years ago β€” what would you say? I’m so curious! Share below!


The Faces Of

⚑ This one speaks for itself. Easy, engaging, and relatable β€” curate these GIFs to your favourite TV show to personalize!

1-6, which Michael Scott are you today? πŸ‘€


What You Saw vs What You Didn’t

⚑ There is a TON that your customer doesn’t see in your business. Sharing this info is great for two reasons: 1) reinforces the value of what you do; 2) it’s an easy way to get wayyyy more intimate with your audience (we eat that stuff up); and 3) it sets you apart from the million other people who do the same thing.

Ever wonder what’s really happening behind the scenes here at [Business Name]? Now you know! [Follow this up with a little pep talk if your audience is other business owners or folks with the same goals as you!]


Good News, Bad News

⚑ Well, here’s a carousel that nobody will be able to resist swiping. The bad news can be anything – but this DOESN’T have to be a big annoying problem… little things become big things when we’re rolling our eyes over them every single day.

πŸ’‘ Product: your feet are stinkin’ cold | everyone thinks your daughter is a boy | you spent an extra 17 minutes peeling potatoes this week
πŸ’‘ Service: you spent an extra 17 minutes peeling potatoes this week πŸ˜‚ | 2021 wasn’t your year after all… your side hustle is still… well, a side hustle or you’re still working a job you hate

Slide 1: I have some good news & bad news
Slide 2: Which one do you want to hear first?
Slide 3: Ok fine here’s the bad news
Slide 4: Insert bad news here
Slide 5: The good news: [insert your actionable solution]
Slide 6: Intro
Slide 7: Which one are you going to do first? (Or, which one scares you the most?)

Really… which one are you going to do first? πŸ‘‡


Stop Doing This

⚑ The more specific and niched down you can get for this post, the better! “You don’t need to do this” / “quit it” posts are an easy way to grab attention & inform your readers!

πŸ’‘ Product: stop stashing this in your purse | stop wearing this | stop handwashing this
πŸ’‘ Service: stop doing these in your bio | stop yelling at your kids | stop feeling bad for eating this

Are you making these [niche] mistakes? We’ve all heard the ones like [insert super common or played out mistakes here] but are you doing any of these? Let me know! πŸ‘‡


We’re Loving

⚑ Share the new & evolving trends you’re loving in your industry this year! (I don’t know about you, but I always check for this when I’m thisclose to booking a service provider & I’m scoping it out on Instagram. It positions you as not only a pro, but someone who’s got style!)

Niche Trends We’re Loving ➑ Carousel

Which ones are your faves? Personally, we’re SUPER BIG on Slide #2!


The Mood When

⚑ It’s not groundbreaking, but it sure is relatable (without getting uncomfortable haha) – and sharable!

Mood after [something mildly annoying happens – the trick is it has to ALSO effect the lives of your perfect fit client; ie IG announced yet another major change coming in 2022 or your toddler just mushed her teddy onto your hands right after you finished your nails]


Set Your Reminders

⚑ You might’ve already seen this, but there is a NEW option when you publish a post! Peep the options while you’re typing in your caption and you’ll see “Add Reminder” where you can let your readers turn on reminders for an upcoming event featured in your post. Love it!


This is a big one…

No more [insert problem here; ie wondering how to grow your IG while converting clients to customers; scrabbling in the bottom of your kids pyjama drawer on Valentine’s Photo Day]

It’s ALL here…

[bulleted list of what’s included in your offer]

And… it’s all going to be [promo here; ie 50 percent off; launching] this weekend. So set your reminders!


Fun Fact

⚑ Write this in a caption and nobody pays attention, but pop it into a carousel and watch your readers swipe!

Swipe left for a fun fact about our [insert product name here]!


Feel So Good

Looking good is (sometimes) important, but you know what we care about even more? FEELING good. That’s where our [name of product] comes in. [Share what makes them sustainable, fun to wear, or extra comfortable!]

You know what to do. 😜 Tap the picture to shop!


Spice It Up

⚑ Bonus points if you do this post as a reel! Don’t overthink it – you could keep it sooo simple; ie a happy boomerang & publish as a reel.

Need some inspiration on how to spice up one of our [product name here]? [Insert styling tip here] There ya go! (Are you team casual or do you like spicing it up? πŸ‘‡)


What It Feels Like

⚑ Gifs are popular for a reason: we can’t stop watching them. Keep people glued to your content (the algorithms love this!) by dropping a few of ’em into a carousel post! Use the comments section after to help your readers through their frustrations.

πŸ’‘ Product: storage solutions, styling your wardrobe or home, taking care of your products
πŸ’‘ Service: experiencing the transformation that your service provides (big or small!)

Want to know what [your reader’s goal, ie launching a business or killing it in the kitchen] looks like? You’re going to want to SWIPE through this one!

These feelings are way too real. πŸ˜‚ Can I get an “amen” from the [describe your perfect fit client; ie small biz owners or mamas] in here to let me know if you can relate? Which slide are you stuck on?!

[optional] ps: [Your reader’s goal] isn’t one size fits all. If you want to learn [how to do this properly, ie growing sustainably or bringing your A game without being a top chef], you might be ready for [insert your offer here]. [Call your reader to action; ie Join the waitlist at the link in my bio!


99 Problems

⚑ You’re going to read this once, think it’s clever, start typing it into your own caption, and second guess yourself because you think it’s too pushy. IT’S NOT. You GOTTA ask for the sale, m’friend.

But for real, if you’re wondering why [dig into the problem; ie your business is feeling so hard to manage] I’m going to bet it’s for one of the reasons above in the pics (swipe!).

[Optional: Shall we break ’em down? List problems & add a sentence or two of detail in the caption]

There are three types of people in this world:

πŸ‘‰ Some of you will read this, know it’s true, and keep on scrolling.

πŸ‘‰ Some of you will read this, know it’s true, and will continue to think that they can get a handle on it by themselves. I mean, maybe you can. Eventually.

πŸ‘‰ Then there’s my faves… the action takers. These people know their limitations and they know that it’s time to do better. These people head to the link in my bio, and use it to book a discovery call. 😜 Looking forward to chatting with you!


Success Comes in Cans

⚑ Get right down to the nitty gritty of a common problem that your customer has & can’t see her way out of. Give her a mindset shift (and maybe an actionable step) she can implement to start moving in the right direction. Oh, and we’re grabbing her attention & getting right into her head by posting this image from her perspective. Bonus: this is super sharable.

Image: “I’m posting every day but can’t grow!”

[Bust that myth right in the first line, ie “Growth is more than just how many followers you have”] It’s [create a bulleted list of what it actually does look like] So, are you seeing [goal, ie growth]? (Save this post for when you need a reminder that YES, you are!)

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