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What’s something your audience is wanting to accomplish but prior to accomplishing, NEEDS your service for? Educate them on how you play a vital role in helping them get to that goal.

I see you, over there, dreaming of the goal they’re dreaming of accomplishing. Ie. feeling super confident in your body this summer. 👀

It’s a fantastic dream, it really is! But here’s the thing — if you’re wanting to put a spin on what that dream will do for them. Ie: be confident, even in your bathing suit at a beach full of people, then you NEED what you can provide them that will help them accomplish said goal. Ie. to make some mindset shifts.

Nothing holds up again, spin the dream ie. finding your inner confidence, more than what’s holding them back? Ie. a negative mindset and unkind self-talk.

But don’t you worry — I’ve got your back!

 Tell them how you and your service can help them accomplish the goal.

 Ready to get started? Head to the 🔗 in my bio! It’s gonna be so good, girl, I promise!


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⚡️Resonate with your audience’s pain points and make it clear on why they need your service now!

If you’re looking for a sign to take the big, bold step and make the investment into yourself/your nutrition plan/your health/changing your mindset/etc. — THIS IS IT! 

Hey, I know it’s a big deal. Investing into what they’re investing in is ALWAYS a big deal. But here are three signs it’s the right time to do it:

Share three things that will resonate with their pain points and make it clear why they need your service NOW. 

There’s no time like the present, they say! Head to the website for all the details and to enroll in the class/grab the freebie/sign up for the discovery call/start the process/etc. (Link in my bio!)


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⚡️It’s time for a truth bomb! What’s something your audience is doing right now that they think is enough, but that truthfully, just isn’t cutting it? ie posting to social media daily but having no strategy behind it.

💥The TRUTH about social media marketing/meal planning/saving for retirement/etc., coming in HOT!

If you have a family/have an online business/are dreaming of retirement/etc., then you’re likely cooking dinner each night/showing up on social media from time to time/putting aside some savings each month/etc, right?

👉🏻 The cold, hard truth is… it’s just not enough! #wompwompwomp, I know. 😅

This is because tell them WHY it’s not enough.

If you want to maximize your opportunities, tell them what they should be doing instead.

Summarize what they should be doing instead. Knowing who your ideal client is and having a strategy that speaks directly to them is the perfect combination to really connect with the people you want to work with, and have them convert into loyal, paying clients.

I’m curious, do you meal plan/have a social media strategy/utilize investments to propel your savings forward/etc.? Let me know! ⬇️


Caption 24

⚡️ Have your audience dream about what their life could look like if they worked with you/utilized your service. Ask some questions that will spark thought and nudge them towards working with you.
💡 Some ideas:
Coach — what would living your best life look like?
Nutritionist — what would having your meals all prepped and ready to go feel like?
Photographer — what would having your memories professionally documented feel like?

Save this post for when you’re ready to start living your best life/shifting your mindset so you can make all the things happen/what’s going to happen for them if they use your service?. 💃🏽

Here are 3 things to consider when dreaming about what what will their life/process look like? Use some adjectives. ie. your best, bold, and vibrant life will look like:

✨Question #1 that will spark thought and nudge them towards your service. ie for a confidence coach: “If nothing (money, time, resources, skills or lack thereof, fear, etc..) or nobody was holding you back, what would you do? Who would you be?”

✨ Question #2 confidence coach: “What are your biggest values and how would you want to put them into action in your day-to-day life?” 

✨ Question #3 confidence coach: “what would living your best life feel like and how can you bring those feelings into practice daily?”

Feels good to dream sometimes, right? Know what’s even better? Making it happen!

I can help with that — head to the link in my bio for more details or to start the journey to what they’ll accomplish if they work with you.


Caption 25

⚡️Let your audience know that the struggle is real (and relatable) and give them a pep talk to get them back on track!

If you think what they’re hoping to accomplish when working with you ie. chasing your dreams/sticking to your meal plan/planning your photoshoot/organizing your home/etc. is going to be all sunshine and rainbows… think again.

It’s not going to be easy.

🙅🏻‍♀️ Let them know you understand their struggle by listing 2-3 things that might tempt them to go off course. ie. there will be many tears and moments of feeling overwhelmed… that’s normal!

But girl, it’s my job to encourage you to stay the course!

Give them a quick pep-talk or tell them HOW you’re going to help them stay the course.

Working towards what they’re working on accomplishing won’t happen overnight. But! If you keep at it, one step/messy drawer/matching outfit/etc. at a time, one day soon you’ll realize you did it!

Save this post for the next time you need a pep-talk and tag a friend who needs this reminder today too!


Caption 1

⚡ Reintroduce yourself and share your why.
📷 Share a photo of yourself so your audience can put a face to the name.

Hey, hey — it’s me, your name. I’m the face behind your business name and the one what do you do? Ie. helping all the women change their marketing game so that they can put dollars into their pockets. Fun, right?

The thing that lights me up the most about this business of mine, is tell them what it is that ignites your passion and makes you so excited to wake up and work with your clients each and every day.

Seriously, it’s the stuff that sets my heart on fire. #servedwithasideofcheese

Drop into the comments and tell me something about yourself! I’d love to get to know you more! 😘


Caption 2

⚡️ Debunk a common myth in your industry.
💡 If you’re product-based and can’t think of a myth that suits your product, switch it up and focus on why you’re audience might not have hit “purchase” quite yet. (eg. “I can’t pull that outfit/those earrings/that scent off.”) Encourage them to try something new.

I what’s the myth? Ie. need to exercise every. single. day. if I want to lose an ounce of weight.

Oh, friend. I hear that all the time and I hate to say it, but it’s a load of cr@p. (Kidding — I love to say it. 😂)

Tell them why it’s a myth and what the reality/truth is.

Phew! Now that we’ve cleared that up, what comes next? Ie. committing to a workout plan without stressing if a day is missed is going to be SO much easier! 🙌🏻

Tag a friend who needs to hear this too! 👇🏻


Caption 3

⚡️ Share 3 tips/tools/products that will be a game changer for your audience. Don’t stop there though — sell them on it!
💡 Product-based: share 3 of your products with tips on when to use each one. (eg. three pairs of earrings for a casual day at home, date night, fancy dinner, girls night out, etc.)

Trying to what is your audience trying to accomplish that these tips/tools/products will help them with? Then STOP YOUR SCROLL! 🛑

I’ve got 3 tips/tools/products that will be a GAME CHANGER for you!

*Trust me, you’re going to want to hit save on this post so you can refer back later.*

Share the 3 tips/tools/products that will be game-changing for your dream client.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how helpful was this?! 👇🏻


Caption 4

⚡️ Share your best hack!
💡 Product-based examples: a new way to wear something, a hack when your necklace clasp breaks, fun hairstyle, etc.

You’ve seen it done like this/used it like this/been doing it this way but have you seen it done like THIS?! 


Share your hack!

Woah, right?! 🤯

I know — when I first discovered this/saw it done this way/etc. my mind was BLOWN.

Make sure to share this to your stories so all your friends/business friends/etc. can learn this awesome hack too!


Caption 5

Tell your audience how they’ll feel after using your service/product.
📷 Bonus points if you act the feeling out yourself and turn it into a fun GIF.

Yep — you’ll feel this good when you purchase the product/sign up for the course/book your service/etc. too! 💃🏻

What’s stopping you?!

Head to the link in my bio and snag your product/your service so you can join the dance party! 😉


Caption 6

⚡️ Share a client success story!
💡 Product-based: Post as a carousel, showing off clients wearing/using your products. Add some client raves/testimonials.
💡 Service-based: Share a screenshot of your client’s message telling you the amazing thing they accomplished because of working with you!

Wow! I just HAVE to give client’s name a HUGE shout-out because she is killing it with her results/looking amazing in our product/etc. Scroll right to see what she had to say/her rocking our product/etc.!

You can have these results too/look this amazing too — tell them HOW to get the results (ie. sign up for this class) or where to go get their own product.

But seriously — drop into the comments and help me celebrate clients’ names! 🎉


Caption 7

⚡️ What your audience believes they need (before buying your product/working with you) vs. what they actually need.

You haven’t pulled the trigger yet because you think you’re not ready. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

(Spoiler alert — you totally are ready! But we’ll get to that.)

Before you buy the course/wear the awesome earrings/start the weight loss program/etc. You think that you need to:

List 1-5 things they think they need to do before purchasing from you.
Ie. be making a minimum of $4,000 each month.
Ie. feel great about how you look so that you feel more confident wearing the earrings…
Ie. at least start exercising so you aren’t starting from ground zero.

But here’s the thing — if we’re being honest with ourselves, we’re going to always find plenty of reasons to wait… even when we don’t have to.

You can take the plunge/start building your business/wear the “out-there” earrings/shift your mindset/etc. right now because truthfully, all you need to do in order to be ready, is to be confident enough to take the first step.

Step by step, one small action at a time, you’ll get there!

Ready to learn more? Head to the 🔗 in my bio to find all the deets!


Caption 8

⚡️ Share a fun/interesting #bts tidbit about your product/service.
💡 Product-based: is your product made with organic ingredients? Sourced locally? Hand-made in Ethiopia by women who escaped the sex trade? Tell your audience about it!
💡 Service-based: What’s something unique you include in your service that you don’t often talk about? How many hours did you spend creating your course/guide/service?

I might be biassed, but obviously I think that your product name/service is pretty awesome! Like, lights up my heart, gets me all passionate and excited kinda awesome.

And I think you’ll agree with me, especially since share the fun/interesting #bts tidbit here.

So good, right?!


Caption 9

⚡️ What’s something happening in your business RIGHT NOW that your audience NEEDS to know about?
💡 Product-based: product sale, product going out of stock, new product launch, etc.
💡 Service-based: new service launch, limited spots available, service being discontinued, books officially open, etc.

STOP 👏🏻 YOUR 👏🏻 SCROLL 👏🏻 — there’s very important information coming atcha, HOT, and trust me, you do not want to miss this!

Tell them what they NEED to know right now.

See?! Important info. Aren’t you glad you stopped your scroll for this? 😉 I’ve got you covered!

Head on over to the website (link in my bio) to snag what are they needing to snag before it’s too late? — see you there! 🤩


Caption 10

⚡️ Share a fun/inspirational/sassy quote that will help your audience connect with you. Bonus points if you create the quote yourself and add some of your own humour. 
💡 “It’s always a good day if it involves a new outfit!” “There’s such a thing as too much education… said no one ever!”
📷 Turn your quote into a cute graphic! Spoiler alert — there’s already a template prepped and ready to go!

Yep, you heard it here first. 👀

Optional: add a little more back-story to round out the quote.

Share this to your stories if it spoke to you today!


Caption 11

⚡️Give your audience some encouragement and help them flip a negative mindset or past-experience around!

Ever feel like (dig deep into a negative mindset your audience is experiencing/how a negative past experience has made her feel. Ie. sick to your stomach after dropping $6k on a project that flopped?)?

Oh friend, you are not alone! We’ve all been there and it is NOT fun.

Give them a quick tip that will encourage them and help them turn the mindset/past-experience around.

Drop a 🙌🏻 if you’re ready to turn this feeling/experience around!


Caption 12

⚡️Photo dumps are all the rage right now! Give your audience a peek #bts of your business/your life through a good ol’ fashioned photo dump!
💡 HOT TIP: the best part of these photo dumps is that you’re pulling them straight from your camera roll — no editing or fancy filters required! If you want your feed to stay consistent and aesthetic AF, feel free to edit the first photo and then dump the unedited ones behind it.

Giving you an unfiltered peek at some #bts of building my last course/my weekend/my latest product line/etc!

Anyone else nosy AF and enjoy nothing more than seeing glimpses that aren’t usually shared on social media? I’m OBSESSED.

Which of the photo moments that I shared is your favourite? 👇


Caption 13

⚡️Your audience might be ready to buy from you, but being unsure of whether or not you accept credit/not knowing which payment methods you accept might be a deterrent, especially if you don’t have an online storefront/shopping cart. Clear the confusion and tell them exactly what payment methods you accept.

Did you know that I accept credit card payments? 👀

I do! Making your experience easy and effortless is important to me. Accepting credit card payments was a natural part of that.

Tell them how/where they can pay with their credit card.

Now that you know that, feeling ready to work together? Head to the 🔗 in my bio or send me a DM to get started! 💳


Caption 14

Who are your services/products NOT for? Put a fun and sassy play on it but let your audience know that your service/products aren’t for them if…
💡 “If you don’t like a ready-to-go instagram plan, then the Toolbox is NOT for you.
📷 Go check out the graphic we made for you that you can tweak and make your own!


And we mean that in the most loving way. 😘

If you invest in our product/service expecting a misconception they might have about what they’ll get from your product/service, it ain’t gonna happen. 🤷🏻‍♀️

When you invest in our product/service because you’re looking for what are they looking for out of your product or service?… well, that’s where the magic happens.

Ready to take action & what action step are they taking? Ie. buy the dang earrings/book your complimentary discovery call? Let’s do this!

You know where to find the link. 😉


Caption 15

⚡️Give your audience some encouragement… or a gentle kick in the pants.

You’ve figured it out so far. You can handle whatever is up ahead, that’s for certain!

Throw on a bomb outfit, do your hair, and go kick some butt.

That’s all. ✌️

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