Sigh of Relief

💡 Let your readers get a quick peep of something that’s coming up soon! 

My to-do list is gonna breathe a massive sigh of relief when I finally list these [product name] on the website — I’ve only rescheduled it 57 times. 😂 They’re so close!


What could that be?

💡 A post that’s relatable AND shares a bit of small shop love? A big ol’ heck yeah to all of these! 

There’s been a lot of scrolling to keep my mind off of [whatever’s looking particularly chaotic in your life right now]. Which has resulted in a lot of online shopping. Which has resulted in a lot of me looking at my hubby like, “I can’t imagine why there would be another package on our front step right now.” 😂

I probably shouldn’t even ask, but what’s the best thing you’ve bought recently? Mine is [list your fave purchases, better yet if they’re from a small shop!]


Leaves Are Falling

💡 Pretty straightforward. You need to sell to, you know… make sales and be profitable!

Leaves are falling and [Your Business Name] newest [product] is calling! If you’re looking to upgrade your [fill in the blank], look no further. Click here to check out what’s in store this season. (Spoiler: discount code included]



💡 The energy and enthusiasm you put into your products is the thing that makes them magic… so don’t forget to let your readers know just how much love goes into them! If you’re hyped, they’ll be hyped. And that’s a pinky promise!

We plan our collections a year in advance (yes! A year!) and the [name of product] has been the hardest secret to keep — we just love them so much! We made sure [super quick something neat about your product]. Go grab yours!


Season’s Screamings

💡 Get real, but make it super seasonal by posting this right before Halloween, when everyone’s got spookies on the brain!

My worst fear [in your niche, ie business, being a mom, etc] was always that [tell them what you were afraid of] but I know now… [share lessons you’ve learned along the way]. Long story short: I got over it. 😂


Happy Thanksgiving

💡 No better time to show your appreciation than (Canadian) Thanksgiving! From your clients to the food on your table, and everything in between — what are YOU thankful for today?

It’s been a real doozy of a year. And yet, today, my heart is FULL.

When I look back at everything that’s happened in 2021, [list the good, the bad, the ugly!]… I can’t help but recognize how much I have to be grateful for. [Share what you’re appreciating just a little more today.]

What about you? How has YOUR year been? What goodness are you going to try to soak up today?


Trade Offer

💡 A fun new spin on the classic question: what do you recommend? 

TRADE OFFER: I give you this bathroom selfie & you tell me some new [music / books / podcasts / food] I gotta try. 👇


True or False

💡 Here’s an easy engagement booster! Make it true to your industry and brand.

I’d argue that this is true: [the cuter the outfit, the better the workout]. [insert your reasons here] How ‘bout you?


Spot of Sunshine

💡 Sometimes, when it’s a Wednesday morning and it feels like there’s still a whole lotta time till the weekend, we need a reminder that everything really is okay. Drop into your reader’s feed with a spot of unexpected sunshine and brighten their day.

Well well well, if this isn’t just the reminder we all need on a Wednesday.

[insert reminder here]

Whether it’s pushing towards the weekend, reaching a big goal, or just making it through today, keep going… you’re almost there. I’m rooting for you! ♥


Social Proof

💡 You’re about to do some serious selling and your readers need to be reminded that you’re worth the investment. Today is the perfect day to share what previous clients are saying about you and your offer! 

You know how small business owners do a little happy dance every time [they book another client, sell another product, etc.]? We’re the same… but whenever we get feedback like this 👇 it’s multiplied by TEN. Heck, maybe even more! 😅


What makes you want to bust out some sick dance moves?! Comment below.


Confession Time

💡 Let your audience in on a juicy little secret about you and/or your biz and connect with them. Encourage them to spill the tea on an unpopular opinion they might have! 


I don’t like [something in your niche you’re supposed to like, but don’t]. Like at all. Could do without it and [share something in your niche that you prefer]. There, I said it!

Am I the only one who feels like this?! Where my peeps at?! (And bonus points if you tell me an unpopular opinion that you have… no judgment, I promise. Heck, I’m probably right there with you 😅)

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