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💡 Collaborating with other businesses is a great way to not only gain support and camaraderie, but can also increase your reach. By shouting out each others’ sales, you gain access to a whole new audience! 

Not ashamed to say that I’m completely and utterly obsessed with this [name of product] from [tag]. [Share what you love about it]


The Lowdown

We know you’re all trying to get your little mitts on all the holiday goodies right now, so here’s the down low on what’s happening over here.

As we all know, the p-word has affected many things. Production and shipping times have been hit the hardest. We’re working our buns off to bring this collection to you, but [explain turnaround time here]

We appreciate all of your encouragement & excitement and we PROMISE this collection is worth the wait! Let us know in the comments if you have any specific q’s!


No Peeking

I’m actually a stickler for the “no peeking” rule, but I can’t help sharing a little sneak of what’s joining the shop this week. Eep!


You Pick

💡 Carousel posts get an average of 1.4x more reach and 3.1x more engagement than regular posts… so anytime you can squeak one in, do it!

If you had to pick a fave: 1, 2, or 3? Starring the [product name] and [product name] and [product name].


Wait For It

💡 Build anticipation around your holiday offers by dropping crumbs about what’s coming up — reveal just enough to make your favourite client *know* that she’s going to want to get her hands on it as soon as you launch.

👉 Going to the bathroom when you’ve been holding it for ages
👉 Lunch on a day that you skipped breakfast
👉 Christmas!

Everything feels more special when you’ve been waiting for it, amiright?! Black Friday is still a few weeks away, but here’s a quick glimpse of what we’re working on!


From Far to Near, and Near to Far

💡 Share just how far your packages are going & what it looks like to get ‘em to your customer’s front door with a quick photo.

Shipping packages from [location] to [location] today and can I just say how stinkin’ thankful I am for your support. Every single time I see a pile of goodies headed out the door, it’s a pinch me moment. THANK YOU.


Mix and Match

💡 Lots of these this month because we’re in sales season!

Mix and match or matchy matchy? (Swip and vote!) New coming [date]!


Best Seller

[Colour] has been the best selling colour this season! And this [product pictured] has my 🖤. Get yours! Tap to shop.


Ready? Ready.

Tomorrow is the day! [date here] Is your wishlist wrangled into something manageable? Alarm set? Credit card dusted off? (Let’s be real, if it’s anything like mine it hasn’t had a chance to gather dust this month 😂)

I cannot WAIT to see your picks! The anticipation of what your faves are going to be is killing me. 😂


The Basics

💡 Make a quick list of everything you wish someone had told you before you were in the situation that your perfect fit customer is in right now. (There’s a tweet graphic in the Canva pack that’ll work well with this caption)

Lesson learned. You heard it here first. 😂 Were any of these news to you?


The Basics

💡 Don’t bother with this one if you’re not catering to other small business owners — it’s not relevant to your audience otherwise. If you *are* a B2B business thought, have at ‘er!

My Small Biz Christmas Wish List


Pick a Colour

💡 You want people to stick around on your profile? (Um, yes, you do.) Post a little game that’ll make it fun for them to learn something from you! Bonus: this is super sharable too!

Pick a colour, [your niche] edition
Choose a colour & swipe for


Birch, please

Who here has their holiday outfits already planned? Or… even more controversial, who has holiday decor up? (Sneaks of mine in stories today!)


Thank You

💡 Shopping small is great in theory, but a lot of times Amazon is just… easier. Drop a note of appreciation into your grid & let your customers know exactly how their dollars are making an impact.

Small business Saturday! We’ve rounded up some awesome businesses to support in our stories. 😍 And thank you for all the love you’ve already given us this holiday season! In my wildest dreams, I would NEVER have guessed that [your business name] would be here today.

When you shop here, [describe specifically what you do with the money your business earns: dance lessons for the kiddos? mortgage payments? groceries? treats?] Thanks for supporting small, today and every day!


Worth It

💡 The idea of sharing testimonials is nothing new, but it’s important enough to leave in here as a prompt, especially because it’s the biggest selling season of the year. People are way more likely to purchase from you when they know that other people think it’s awesome too. Share, share, share — and give some of it a permanent place in your grid.

THIS. This is why I rub the sleep out of my eyes, hobble over to my coffee machine, and shuffle over to my studio early every morning. (It’s not pretty, trust me 😂) [Or if you’re a night owl, this is why I wait till my house is quiet, then hustle over to my studio, even when my feet are sore and all I want is Netflix] So grateful to get to do what I love each day!

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