💡 Run a super quick last minute flash sale before you shut down for the holidays to help clear out some stock before clearance season hits (and while people are still actually buying and using holiday stuff!)

Surprise! Use code LASTMINUTE for an extra 25 percent off our holiday sale section. So many good markdowns — go grab those couple of last minute things before we shut down for the holidays! Sale ends tonight 11:59 [time zone].


💡 Remind your readers to place their order for your product TODAY if they want it in time for Christmas.

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle!

Between drying out your kids’ soggy winter gear, squeezing in last-minute decorating, teacher gifts, baking cookies… the million to do’s in between — the countdown to The Big Day is *officially* on.

You haven’t missed the shipping deadline for [insert product]… *yet*. Place your order before [insert date] and get it in time for Christmas! Heck, maybe with a few seconds to spare! 😉


💡 It wouldn’t be December without a little reflection, would it?! Take stock of the highs and lows of 2021 and connect with your readers by sharing some of the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’re in the busiest selling season of the year and a little reminder that there’s an ACTUAL PERSON behind your brand will go a long way!

Best clients. Best year. I’ve had some ups & downs this year between [two big things you had on your plate; ie — juggling business and a toddler]. But you know what? It’s been freaking AMAZING to help you make your dreams come true & the hard work pay off.

Leave it at that, or make your caption more intimate by sharing a story of how you’ve almost given up in the past couple of years… and what kept you going.

So thankful I get to [job here]. What a joy!


💡 Dispel any preconceived notions people have about your industry so they know it’s safe and smart to buy from you.

Here’s the truth about [insert niche]:

FICTION :: [insert common misconception; ie — having body fat is the worst thing for your health, etc.]

✔ FACT :: [dispel the myth with a truth bomb!]

Repeat as needed! Add a few more fiction vs facts to this post or split it into a 2-3 day series!

Questions about [niche]? Put ‘em in the comments for the TRUTH about [niche]. 👇


💡 Instead of doing a gift guide, shout out your favourite local businesses of 2021 and encourage your readers to check out their socials. Make sure your audiences are aligned so when they share the post to their page and shout YOU out, their readers will be interested in you and your offer!

I couldn’t have made it through this year without:

🎁 [@localbusiness], because [insert their offer and the difference it made in your life].

🎁 [@localbusiness], because [insert their offer and the difference it made in your life].

🎁 [@localbusiness], because [insert their offer and the difference it made in your life].

These guys are absolute TREASURES and if you want to keep your sanity in check next year, you’ll want to check ‘em out!

In the comments,share your favourite purchase from a local business this year. (Bonus points if you tag ‘em!) 👇


💡 Yep, it’s another testimonial. These are important for seasons of selling!


Well… not really. But now that we have your attention, here’s what a recent [student, client, etc] had to say about her experience with us:

[“Insert testimonial here”]

Ready to give it a whirl? [Class schedule, shop, etc] linked in our bio. Oh, and put your favourite emoji in the comments so we know that you were really hoping that we’d share our deepest darkest secrets… we still might share a thing or two! 😉


💡 Remind your readers to book your services TODAY if they want to save some dough.

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle!

Between drying out your kids’ soggy winter gear, squeezing in last-minute decorating, baking cookies… the million to do’s in between—

You haven’t missed the booking deadline for [insert service]… *yet*. Book before [insert date] to keep some extra dollars in your jeans AND get [insert result of your service].


💡 Get your readers excited about giving back to your community… AND close another sale!

“Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more!”

We know you’ve got a few things left on the Christmas list, but since Christmas means SO much more than what’s under the tree, we’ll be donating a portion of proceeds from [insert timeframe] to [insert local charity].

[Share a little bit about the charity and why this is the one that’s been selected as a recipient of proceeds. Include info on how your readers can get involved beyond making a purchase from you.]

Friends, your support means the world! Thank you for supporting my little biz AND giving back to an initiative close to my heart. You are so appreciated. ♥


💡 The trick to this caption is keeping it short & sweet. Bullet out 3-5 things you’ve learned & call it a day!

Lessons learned in 2021.

🤯 [Quick example: try new things. It’ll be scary, but… scary is good.]

Your turn! Drop a comment and tell me your biggest lesson this year. 👇


💡 What’s December without a whole lotta joy and gratitude?

Whew! 2021. 

Blessings on blessings on blessings. I’m out here today being so freakin’ thankful for everything in my life.

For my fam, for this community, for you, and for spreadsheets. 😂 #realtalk

It’s hard to describe the growth that [Name of Business] experienced this year. [Share some numbers: ie — number of clients, cups of coffee, etc.]

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. Here’s to another year together!


💡 If you’re needing a break, chances are you don’t even know how to take one at this point. Pop this post up & peace out for a few days!

Anyone else ready for a break from the noise? Dang, IG has been chaotic these last few days! Between work and, well, life, I’m finding it more important than ever to get quiet and BREATHE.

[Share a simple mindfulness practice that you do when things get a little too gnarly in social media land]


💡 Take a break from selling and boost your engagement with this post!

Which one are you?

Team Theme — you selected the perfect gift wrap colour scheme and all of your gifts are beautifully wrapped.


Team DONE — so what if you’re still using the same roll of gift wrap that you got from Costco 3-years ago?! Wrapped is WRAPPED.

I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours! 😉👇

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