Big Picture

💡 Fill this in with one of your favourite quotes!

When the here and now is rough, when your to do list seems too big to tackle, when you’re four days into the new year and [things are going sideways; ie your kid is sick], or you’re experiencing growing pains and you just wish you could see your life in a year, remember this: the big picture is pretty dang beautiful.

Not always easy to see, but worth it. Keep on keepin’ on.


We’ve Got Plans

💡 You’re so dang close to your business that sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees… get some perspective on what your readers want to see from you by, well, asking them.

2022, we are READY for you! What are you hoping to see from [Company Name] this year? Just so you know… we’ve got plans. [Spill some juicy deets if you’ve got ‘em, or keep this open ended!]


Just Joking

💡 Is it just us, or does everyone on Instagram appreciate a good dad joke? Lighten the mood — and throw on a PS that’ll entice your readers to purchase from you.

We’re blending our love of humour and [niche] with today’s joke. Buckle up, we don’t think you’re ready for this one.

[insert joke here]

[How can people book or purchase from you? Add a call to action here… if you can incorporate a pun from your joke, you get a hundred high fives.]



💡 How ‘bout an intro that *doesn’t* start with “Hey friends! It’s been a minute since I hopped on here and introduced…”?!

Every day passes more quickly than the one before it. Every day I’m shocked that again, it’s 4pm and [what your life looks like late afternoon]. My days are filled with [the tiny things that fill up the hours].

Every day is so full. There are a million tiny tasks. A MILLION. Tiny. But meaningful tasks. The silliness. The routines. The conversations.

It’s what I always wanted, and now I’m living it. I’m in the good old days, and I know it. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

[Your Name]


Happy New Year

💡 Kick off the new year and say heyyyy to your readers with positive (but super real) energy. Goals part is optional.

Hey January 1st, you better watch your back. I’m coming.

I might be covered in [what are you actually covered in? Ie; dirt from puppy paws? Toddler boogers? Zit cream? Essential oils?] but I’m coming.

This is *your* friendly reminder that this Monday’s got nothin on you and this week’s potential is limitless. (Yeah, I know that January 1st is just a day on the calendar but you can’t deny that it feels pretty dang fresh! What’s one goal that you have for this year?)


Overdressed? Underdressed?

💡 Yep, it’s a quote. They’re super sharable & savable, which makes them top notch Instagram content. Have fun with this!

Okay, I took some liberty with the quote but it’s true! 😆 Wear to [casual place] or [fancy place] and always look cute.



💡 Whether it’s your 10th sale, 100th sale, or 10,000th sale, every milestone is worth celebrating. This giveaway is (1) not a cliche – hooray! and (2) an easy way to reward your most loyal customers – always a win!

Thank you (for the billionth time, I know, but forever from the heart) for letting me grow this business! I’m so lucky to wake up every day & do this.

I’m super close to [number] sales and I can’t even tell you how grateful I am. So let’s have some fun with this! To the person who places order [number]: I’ll refund your ENTIRE order. Eep! You know what to do.


Snowman Contest

💡 Wait for the next windy, miserable, snowy… wait…COZY day and use this fun idea to encourage your readers to (1) get some fresh air; and (2) share your product!

Snowman Contest ⛄

Dress your snowman using any [Company Name] pieces… get creative! Snow not required if you live somewhere warm (you lucky duck 😂).

Tag [@yourbusiness] and use the hashtag [#hashtaghere]

Entries can be submitted through [Date] — we’ll choose two random winners to win $150 credit! Go get some fresh air!


Winter Essentials

💡 Tag your other fave small shops in this post to spread some of the love!

A winter [perfect fit client; ie baby] essential list —

➡ [list here; include your product, of course!]

What are *your* must haves these days?


Valentine’s Day

💡 We’re in the doldrums of winter… remind your readers that V-Day is around the corner & clear out some of your stock.

End of season sale starts now! Items up to 70 percent off! We’ve been live for about 45 minutes and the shelves are clearing out quickly. (Psst… wouldn’t this [item] be perfect for Valentine’s Day? Now’s the time to snag one!)



💡 January is hard enough without having to get fancy. Do you have anything in your shop that could constitute a uniform for 2022?

2022 uniform


Spring Cleaning

💡 Just a wild guess, but if you’ve got anything you’d like to clear out before launching your spring collection now is the time! (I know it says spring cleaning, but it’s a January Vibe for sure.)

Anyone else in the spring cleaning mood? 🧹🍃 We are! Use the code FLASH SALE to shop [sale]. Shop link in profile.

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