Caption 1

⚡ Give your audience some ideas on new ways to use one of your best selling products! (Bonus: You can totally turn this into a reel, too)

Uhhh, [your name]?! Other than [obvious way to use your product] what do I even need [your product] for?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m so glad you asked!

Here are 3 unique ways to use [your product]:

[Share a unique way to use your product].

Using [your product] is going to [benefits of using your product]. Who doesn’t want that?! 😉

Did this inspire you to start using [your product] in a new way?


Caption 2

⚡ Share a client testimonial so that those on the fence about purchasing your product will see why they should take the plunge! 📷 Break up your feed by sharing a screenshot of the client testimonial.

[Wearing/owning/trying/etc.] [your product] won’t just make you feel amazing, it’ll also [another benefit that your testimonial mentioned].

Don’t take my word for it though — check out what [client name] had to say:


(Insert testimonial here).

The best part is that you can feel this way too — (Head to the link in my bio/grab your own pair/etc.) to experience this feeling for yourself.


Caption 3

What’s a common pain point for your clients and how does your product solve it? Tell your audience!

One a scale of zero to ten, how much do you enjoy [insert paint point]?

Wild guess, but I’m assuming that’s a giant ZERO, #amiright?

Lucky for you, I have a solution!

[Tell your audience about your product and how it helps solve their pain point].

Needing this in your life? Yeah, you are! Head to the #linkinbio to snag yourself one!


Caption 4

Ask your audience for some input on what type of product they’d like to see more of from you in the future!

The hard-pressing question of the hour — what’s your favourite [your product]?

I’ve been thinking about what type of [your product] I’d like to make for you but am stuck on which you’d prefer to see more of!

[Option A] or [Option B]? Drop into the comments and tell me which option is speaking your language?


Caption 5

Who is your product for? Describe your ideal client and invite them to purchase from you! Pair this caption with a photo of you or a client using your product.

The more I create [your product], the more I’ve come to realize that, at the heart of it, I’m creating for [describe ideal client.]

There’s just something about creating the perfect [your product] for them that lights my heart on fire!

If that’s you, drop into the comments with a 👋🏻and head to my website to grab yourself a [your product name]. #linkinbio


Caption 6

On a scale of 1-10, how much does your dream client need your product? (Spoiler: A FULL 10, obvs.) Tell them why!

Here’s the thing — you can continue [frustration your client’s feeling] OR, you can solve it by snagging yourself [your product].

I 10 out of 10 recommend solving your problem with this easy-peasy fix! 😉#shamelessplug

Ready to change your life? Head on over to the #linkinbio to grab your life-changing [your product].


Caption 7

Why are you so passionate about creating your product? Share your “why” with your audience!

I’d be really naive if I thought I was the only one capable of [creating/offering] [your product] — but to me, it’s so much more than [making/selling/providing] [your product].

[Share your why].

Thanks for sharing this little corner of the internet with me, and allowing me to [create/sell] [your products] that ignite that passion within me! It means the world to me! 💖


Caption 8

What are 3 unique selling points about your product? Share them.

The truth is, you can purchase [your product] at any number of places. (Heck, the online world is full of them!)

Here’s 3 ways that my [your product] stands out from the rest: 😉

[Share 3 unique selling points].

Now that’s worth buying, #amiright?! Head to the link in my bio if you agree! 😘

🔥 HOT TIP — if you can’t think of anything that makes your product unique, think about your client experience. Is there anything you do that helps your experience stand out from others? Maybe it’s your incredible return policy, the fact that you’ll hand-deliver your products…?


Caption 9

 What will your clients FEEL when they use/wear your product? Paint the picture! Pair this caption with a photo of you happy dancing or of a happy customer using your product. (Pssst… this would make a great reel too!)

That “I’ve got new feeling!” 💃🏼

Tell me, when’s the last time you felt this excited?!

Our helps all our customers feel [how do they feel when they use/wear your product?].

Want in on the feeling? We don’t blame you! 😉

Head to the link in our bio to treat yourself with [a pair/the new line/a cozy shirt/etc.]


Caption 10

Instagram vs. reality. People love to see this stuff! 📷 A picture-perfect photo of you using your product. Then slide to a second photo of what it really looks like.

Psst… I’m going to let you in on a little secret. 🤫


Scroll right to see a little “real-life” reality of what’s really going on over here.

What you see —

[Share the idyllic version of what’s going on in life].

What you don’t see —

[Share the reality.]

Is this the case for you too or does [what’s causing the reality] happen more often than not for you too? 😅


Caption 11

Share three reasons your audience needs to STOP their scroll and go and purchase your product RIGHT NOW. 📷 Get goofy and post a photo of you holding your hand out. Think: hand in focus, your laughing face out of focus in the background. OR, switch it up and hold your product forward!

If you’re anything like me, you have every intention of doing something… but then life happens and before you know it, you’ve forgotten.


Here are 3 reasons you should buy RIGHT NOW!

[Share the 3 reasons why!]

I know you’ve been meaning to — hopefully this was the friendly nudge you needed to get it purchased and cross it off the “I need to” list.

Don’t worry — I’ve got your back! 😉


Caption 12

 Boost your engagement and connection by sharing a photo of yourself with a little bit about who you are. (Awkward, I know.)

Hey, hey! The elusive “they” say it’s important to not only introduce yourself every once in a while, but to also share your face. Anyone else always feel awkward dropping in with a photo of yourself or is it just me?! 😅

If we haven’t met yet, I’m [name], the [describing adjective] who [creates/sells/etc.] — 

[Share something funny/awkward about yourself].

[Share something vulnerable/personal].

[Share something positive that displays one of your core values].

I’d love to get to know you better — drop into the comments and tell me a random fact about yourself!

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