The Basics

💡 Make a quick list of everything you wish someone had told you before you were in the situation that your perfect fit customer is in right now. (There’s a tweet graphic in the Canva pack that’ll work well with this caption)

Lesson learned. You heard it here first. 😂 Were any of these news to you?


Wish List

💡 Don’t bother with this one if you’re not catering to other small business owners — it’s not relevant to your audience otherwise. If you *are* a B2B business though, have at ‘er!

My Small Biz Christmas Wish Lis


Pick a Colour

💡 You want people to stick around on your profile? (Um, yes, you do.) Post a little game that’ll make it fun for them to learn something from you! Bonus: this is super sharable too!

Pick a colour, [your niche] edition
Choose a colour & swipe for [fill in with what they’ll get]
*This prompt makes way more sense if you peep the images & find the matching one!


Birch, please

Who here has their holiday outfits already planned? Or… even more controversial, who has holiday decor up? (Sneaks of mine in stories today!)


Thank You

💡 Shopping small is great in theory, but a lot of times Amazon is just… easier. Drop a note of appreciation into your grid & let your customers know exactly how their dollars are making an impact.

Small business Saturday! We’ve rounded up some awesome businesses to support in our stories. 😍 And thank you for all the love you’ve already given us this holiday season! In my wildest dreams, I would NEVER have guessed that [your business name] would be here today.

When you shop here, [describe specifically what you do with the money your business earns: dance lessons for the kiddos? mortgage payments? groceries? treats?] Thanks for supporting small, today and every day!


Worth It

💡 The idea of sharing testimonials is nothing new, but it’s important enough to leave in here as a prompt, especially because it’s the biggest selling season of the year. People are way more likely to purchase from you when they know that other people think it’s awesome too. Share, share, share — and give some of it a permanent place in your grid.

THIS. This is why I rub the sleep out of my eyes, hobble over to my coffee machine, and shuffle over to my studio early every morning. (It’s not pretty, trust me 😂) [Or if you’re a night owl, this is why I wait till my house is quiet, then hustle over to my studio, even when my feet are sore and all I want is Netflix] So grateful to get to do what I love each day!


Remember This

Please remember this: [share some encouraging words for your readers & remind them that no matter what the “official” answer is to the question, there’s no perfect answer for everybody.

These are the questions that I receive on repeat, but if I missed a question that you have drop it in the comments!


Mind Reader

💡 When you’re sharing valuable information, make sure it’s simple & to the point so that your reader can turn around and use it TODAY. Using specific details gives your reader that “how is she in my head?!” reaction — which you’ll see here is an important one!

Most [job title] will tell you [share common advice here; i.e. post valuable content]. Here’s why that’ll [have disastrous consequences; i.e. make you broke].

[Bring it to life by describing in detail the mistake that you’re seeing.]

Here’s the thing: it’s absolutely not your fault.

You’re just doing what you’re being told to do. But here’s the problem.

What you need to understand is that [explain why it’s wrong; i.e. humans make decisions based on emotions, so if you sound like a textbook – no matter how valuable it is – you’re never going to motivate them to take action]

Here’s one simple trick: [tell your reader how they can tweak their approach to be more effective].


Don’t Do It

💡 Stop your reader in her tracks by digging into a mistake she’s making, right now.


If you do, or have done, don’t stress. I see this allll the time. But if you want to see [insert goal here], you’ve got to make a change now!

Think about it. [Illustrate your point with an example of why it’s a mistake]

Have you been making this mistake? I know I sure did when I first started out! Let me know. 👇



💡 One of the hardest things about creating content is that you’re an expert on your topic, and your reader isn’t… so you gotta dumb it down. That being said, there’s still stuff that they need to know. Use this post to educate them — without sounding like a dictionary.

POV: you’re on Jeopardy and you choose [niche] for $400.

The difference between [term your reader should know] and [term your reader should know]


[Share the info here or point them to a blog post so they can understand the difference! Be sure to mention WHY they need to know. What’s in it for them?]


Class In Session

💡 This caption is for a workshop / course, but it’ll work for any service launch! No pressure, but straight to the point. Easy breezy.

Class is in session and we’re here to [goal here]. If you’re sitting this one out, no sweat. Lots of free resources on my website!


Call in the Experts

💡 If you feel gross about that last paragraph, know this: expert means that you know more than the average bear. NOT that you know more than all of your industry peers combined. You ARE an expert. Own it! Go get ‘em!

Would you let your doctor fix the engine in your car? I’m guessing not. Sure, she’s super smart. Sure, she’s an expert… in the medical field. That doesn’t make her an expert in mechanics.

So, why are you still doing your own [what you offer]? You’re the expert in your business, but you shouldn’t take time away from the growth oriented tasks that only *you* can do. 

That’s where [your business name] comes in. After working with [your perfect fit person] for [time], we’re experts on [what you’re a pro at]

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