Fact & Fiction

💡 What’s something that people believe about your industry that straight up isn’t true? Don’t overthink this! It’s totally okay to bring your readers back to basics — even if it’s something they know, a quick reminder can be nice. If this leads right to your services, don’t hesitate to let your readers know what to do next!

The biggest bummer about [Instagram] culture is that when we buy into it, we genuinely believe we’re doing what’s best for us! If there’s one thing you take away from this account, let it be this:

[You don’t have to spend half your life staring into your phone. Showing up consistently 3x per week in a way that feels good to you is so much more valuable than burning yourself out on posting a reel every day. (Some discomfort is good, but don’t force yourself to do stuff that leaves a sour taste in your mouth for weeks / months on end.)]

Not sure where to start? [Call to action], and we’ll help you out!


Choose ONE.

💡 Grab your reader’s attention and help them self-qualify for your product or service with a quick little game, then call ‘em to action. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

If you had to choose between [your offer] or [that], which would you choose? If you picked [your offer], well, this may be your lucky day!

[Explain your promotions / why they should buy right now]. Drop me a 🍕 emoji here or in the chat to get started!


More and less.

💡 Everybody’s short on time. How can you help?

Spend more time [scheduling Instagram content, feeling crappy about what you ate this week, etc.]. OR, relaxing. It’s your call. Drop us a DM!


Dream a little dream.

💡 Cast a vision for what your perfect fit client’s life COULD look like… if only she purchased from you. Don’t forget to tell her exactly what to do next!

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow with [the results you’re looking for — 20lbs lighter, in control of your life, in love with your body, handle on your social media, showing up like a pro].

The truth is, if you continue with the same habits and lifestyle choices, you end result with be the same. (I know. BRUTAL.)

If you TRULY want this life, the only thing that’s stopping you is taking ACTION.

I’m opening up 5 spots for [service] so you can [achievement] while still [lifestyle]. Drop me a DM and I’ll shoot you the info!


Hey, hi, hello!

💡 There’s no need to justify a #fridayintroduction, just jump right in! For the final question, ask something that’s super easy and will elicit a knee-jerk response from your readers.

Hey! I’m [name], the heart & soul behind [business name]. 70 percent of my waking hours are spent [making blanket forts, listening to fart jokes, and daydreaming about my next plate of nachos]. The other 30 percent is split between [various tasks at your job]. Tell me something… on a scale of 1-10, how self conscious are you about [telling people about your business]? 👇 Not gonna lie, it makes my palms a bit sweaty.


Have a laugh!

💡 Short & sweet… this post is a great way to discover new accounts and get some conversations rolling! You can share WHY you need a chuckle if you’re comfortable sharing, or leave it at this.

I’m needing a chuckle today… what’s an account that makes you laugh?


Rally for a tally.

💡 Is it just me or is every quiz ever completely irresistible? Make sure you keep this super easy to pick up with just a few niche-specific items. Share your own results in the comments too!

Give yourself one point for every item that you’ve done… mistake edition!

💡 Small Shops

(1) Experienced buyer’s remorse (2) Bought the wrong size, because try-on felt like way too much work at the time (3) Spent more than you planned (4) Didn’t find what you were looking for

💡 Social Media Marketing

(1) Deleted a post that didn’t have enough engagement (2) Overthought a caption so much that you never posted it (3) Accidentally discarded ALL of your draft reels (4) Answered your own question in the story sticker

💡 Business Coach

(1) Missed an opportunity because you weren’t 100% ready (2) Didn’t track your numbers (3) Did a happy dance when someone made a purchase (4) Got in over your head

💡 Photographer

(1) Regretted your clothing choice (2) Yelled at your kids before a shoot (3) Smiled through annoyance at a session (4) Spent hours trying to coordinate outfits


Square One

💡 WOWZA! Life is journey and haven’t we all come so far?! What would you change if you had to start from scratch again? Speak right into the life of your perfect fit client — if you cater to other businesses, speak from that perspective; if you sell directly to clients, think of what their life looks like and what you have in common.

Business to Consumer:

If I had to start from scratch, I’d relish [the midnight cuddles instead of worrying about a baby that’s too attached]. I’d worry less about [nap schedules] and welcome [adventures] instead.

How about you? We could all use some perspective in the trenches of parenting!

Business to Business:

If I had to start from scratch, I’d [jump right in, despite being terrified]. I’d worry less about [if I was legit] and focus on [having conversations instead]. I’d [show up on video sooner. I’d hire a team]. SO MANY THINGS!

How ‘bout you? We could all use some perspective in the trenches of entrepreneurship!


Fill in the blank.

💡 Here’s a fun little engagement booster for you! Note — this works better if you already have a fairly engaged audience!

Start the sentence with whatever you like — “I am” works, but so does “How do you” or “Why is”… the sky’s the limit!

Hey, wanna do something fun?! Tap your keyboard, type “I am _______” and let it auto complete till it makes a sentence. These are hilarious!

(Peep the comments — I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours! 😅)



💡 No need to use a special graphic for this post (unless you want to, of course!) A photo of yourself will work well here, too. Drop a quote from a podcast or audiobook that you’ve listened to, tag the original creator, and give your take on it / tell your readers why it was such a lightbulb moment for you.

Discipline is the gap between your goals and your dreams… exceeeeepppppt when it still feels like March 2020 and we’re over a year out. Consistency IS one of the keys to success — but you know what’s even more important? Your sanity.

If you need a break but can’t take one, set a “bare minimum” standard and leave the rest till you’re feeling more like yourself!

What are three things that you MUST do to make sure your business works? Don’t worry about scaling and growing right this second. Just do what you have to do to make it work

Hang in there… just a little longer!


School is in session.

💡 We’re all trying to settle into the fall routine and even if things aren’t completely seamless, there’ probably SOMETHING that you’ve got a handle on. How do you get out the door on time? How do you prevent the 4:30 hangries? Let’s tap into the collective wisdom, and bonus points if you can make it super sharable and/or savable!

Mornings are always jam packed with [lost shoes, as many swigs of coffee as I can squeeze in, and the kiddos asking me to sign stuff]. If I’m in a rush (which, let’s get real — I always am!), I’ll whip up a [fill in the blank].

Here’s my go-to recipe! Hit save and share your fave hacks to get through the mornings — we need all the help we can get!



💡 This is just a simple question, but we’re putting a fun spin on it and making it super fun to answer. Ask your audience anything — how they’re feeling about getting back into a fall routine (small shop), how pumped they are about seasonal launches (business coach), if they’re ready to switch their menus over to fall / winter deliciousness (nutritionist), how they’re feeling about planning outfits for their family session (photographer). If diggities aren’t on brand for you, switch up the scale to something that is!

On a scale of no diggity to hot diggity, how pumped are you about [planning your content for September]? [Me? HOT DIGGITY, because I have the toolbox. Hah!]


Hidden Gems

💡 People love to share their opinions, so here’s a great way to get a little extra exposure. Ask your audience for their favourite hidden gems — whether it’s small shops, local love, fall activities, or even Starbucks orders. The key is to make this as easy as possible for your readers. (Make sure you share this post to stories too!)

Is it just me or are weekends in September the WEIRDEST ones?! I’m looking for [fill in the blank] and would love to hear your fave hidden gems! (Mine are in the comments!)


It’s time to plant.

💡 What are you doing right now to prep for sales in Q4? Start planting seeds for upcoming promotions.

The busiest time of year is about to be upon us (🤯). This is what a day in the life looks like for me right now:

[insert daily thing]

[insert daily thing]

[insert daily thing]

Put a 🤪 emoji in the comments if you can relate.


Suicide Prevention Day

💡 September 10th is Suicide Prevention Day. If you’ve got anything to say on the subject of mental health… now’s the time.


Word on the street.

💡 Social proof sells like nothing else, so don’t forget to include it… every, single, month!


Need I say more?! To [book/order] your [product/service], just send us a fried egg emoji. 🍳


Attitude of Gratitude

💡 We all have ‘em in our audience — the people who are watching all of your stories, dropping you DMs, and commenting on your posts. Drop a quick thank you so they know how much they are appreciated!

That little app called Instagram is notorious for being fake?! Well…. I’ve never made friendships so real. The BIGGEST thank you to everyone who’s chatting with me behind the scenes. [@tag, @tag, @tag] Love you!


You can be two things at once.

💡 “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and throw rocks at their enemies.” — Blair Warren

Let’s do some of that, shall we?!

Business to Consumer:

You can [want more] and still [be grateful]. You can [take time for yourself] and still [be a great mom]. You can [have a soft tummy] and still [be freakin’ beautiful].

Save this post because you know you’re gonna need this reminder again. ♥

Business to Business:

You can [have a post flop] and still [continue growing]. You can [take breaks] and still [be successful]. You can [have less than 10k followers] and still [make money on Instagram].

 Save this post because you know you’re gonna need this reminder again. ♥


To Do.

💡 September is for fresh starts, butts back in gear, and goal setting. What are some habits that your reader should start NOW to start the next season on the right foot? Drill this down to monthly, weekly, or even daily tasks.

3 [Instagram] habits that every [business owner] should start now.

👉 Plan your [headlines] monthly

👉 Review your [analytics] monthly

👉 Refresh your [link in bio] monthly

Tell me — which habit do you need to add to your monthly routine?


Oh, well vs. what if

💡 What’s a small step your perfect fit client can take today to propel her biz forward? (Think EASY, like the stuff you’ve been posting on stories.)

A sack of “oh wells” is much lighter than a bag of “what ifs”. [Share one thing your perfect fit client can do today that’ll make a difference down the road]. Now go do it!


What do you *actually* need to do?

💡 This happens in every industry… people start with the shiniest thing and don’t necessarily take care of the things that actually need to get done. Take a minute to remind your audience about what’s actually important! PS — this is super sharable content which is the cherry on top!

Prep I DID before [becoming a mom] vs. prep I SHOULD HAVE done before [becoming a mom].

[Filled out a birth plan], shoulda [meditated]

[Took all the classes], shoulda [talked to another mom]

[Worried about what my “downstairs kitty-cat” would like after], shoulda [grabbed some burp cloths]

[Spent eight bajillion hours designing a logo], shoulda [thought about who I wanted to work with]

[Signed on with a user-friendly website host], shoulda [talked to actual humans that I could help]

[Created one perfect social media caption to kick things off], shoulda [created 10 “good enough is good enough” social media posts]

[Bought a ring light to shoot some video], shoulda [gave my first client an impeccable experience]



💡 Get all of those frequently asked questions into one post (or split this up and make it into a guide that you can point to again and again!)

This is my 500th (1000th?) post here — not sure if that means I’m a veteran or an addict, but either way — here we are! 😅

Just in case you’re wondering this stuff too, these are the questions I get asked most often.

[Answer FAQs]

Comment below with either a question or how many posts YOU’RE currently at!


Things are about to get crazy!

💡 What is shipping/booking times like in Q4? To avoid wait times and guarantee products arriving on time or services to be delivered, should clients consider ordering/booking NOW?

Psstt…. I hardly dare to say this. BUT, our busiest season is *right* around the corner. With that comes [insert friction point — delayed shipping, no time slots left to book services, etc.], so if you want in on [your offer], NOW is the time to get on it.

[Tap to shop / DM me to book now!]


Back to basics.

💡 What are 3-5 things that everyone should know about your product? List ‘em off and explain them to your readers! You can do this in one post or split it up over the next couple of weeks / months.

What is [organic] anyways? [it’s grown without the use of yucky chemicals (read: pesticides and fertilizers, aka the stuff you DON’T want in your body). It tastes better and is better for you too!] That’s why all of our [insert product] are [organic].



💡 We’ve all got it, and we’ve all got it for reasons that shouldn’t be. What is your perfect fit client feeling guilty about?

Do you struggle with [content creation, mom, etc.] guilt? Here’s how to get past it.

  1.       Be aware of it. When are you feeling guilty and why?
  2.       Let go of the rules. Believe it or not, there’s no right and wrong way to [show up on Instagram, love on your kids, etc.].
  3.       Unfollow the accounts that make you feel garbagey.

Say it with me: no 👏 more 👏 guilt. [Explain].

If you’re ready to let go, here’s a little challenge — how many times will you give yourself permission to ENJOY [showing up, being a mom, etc.] this week?


Opportunity is calling!

💡 What milestone will your client reach after they buy your product or book your services? Grab their attention and let them know it’s within their reach… all they have to do is answer the call.

That’s right… your weekend is calling. [Grab the toolbox, whip out your content in a fraction of the time, and go enjoy some crisp, fall breezes]. This season’s a short one — and it’s easy to make time to enjoy it!


Mad libs

💡 Mad libs are just too dang fun! Do an edition that caters to your audience!

When I have kids, they will never [fill in the blank]. (Spoiler alert: they will.)

My response is in the comments. Now it’s your turn!

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