Lesson 2 – Your Most Excellent Clients

Now that you’ve got a handle on your goals, you’re going to dig deep. It’s time to build a strong and sticky brand foundation. (It’s the best kind…we promise! ?)

There’s no denying that your best work happens with people that light you up…so let’s make that happen! We have a few simple exercises that’ll help you nail down exactly who that soulmate client is.

From there, we’re going to teach you how you can get your offerings onto their wish list!

Every week, we’re going to add in a quick challenge to help you amp up your game more quickly!

Here’s your task for today – think of the dreamiest client you’ve ever worked with and let them know how great they are. Shout ’em out on IG, drop them an email to say hi, whatever works for you. Here’s a note that we sent to one of our fave clients (and yes, she did book another project with us!)

“Hi Jessica! Today I was reviewing some of my favourite projects from the last six months and naturally, YOU came to mind! You’ve been really fun to work with and I wanted to touch base again and see how your business is doing. I’d love an update!

Once you’re a client, you’re always a client. Just a quick reminder that we’re always available for support via email.

Have a happy day!

PS: We’re opening a few spots in our calendar for (1:1 service). You’re a tough act to follow, but if you happen to know of any other small biz owners who might benefit from our services, would you pass on an intro? We’d be so grateful, and of course we’ll send you a sweet little bonus for every successful referral!”

Once you’ve completed your challenge, message us to let us know how it went! We’re so excited for you!

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