Lesson 3 – Suss Out Your Spot

Today, you’re going to learn how to READ MINDS. (Yes, you read that correctly.) ?

This is the quickest video of the entire program – and if you do it right, it’ll only take you a few hours over the next few weeks to implement.

Market research can be intimidating, but it is so helpful to know exactly what your audience is thinking & what your competitors are up to. (And let’s be real… exactly how you can blow ’em out of the water!)

Want to amp it up? Here’s your mini challenge for this week!

Do a quick poll and ask some q’s to help you stand head & shoulders above your competition!

Here are some ideas to get the juices flowing. These are popular posts (y’know, the ones that actually got lots of responses) pulled from one of our favourite Facebook groups, but you can tweak them to fit your brand!

  • What’s the last item you purchased for YOU under $50? (as self care or to treat yo’self)
  • What are some creative ways you get your kiddos to wash their hands, either at home or in public?
  • If you were stuck building your business, where would you go for help?
  • If you haven’t started pitching yourself to be featured in podcasts, blogs, etc – what’s holding you back? What is making you say “I want to, but I’m not sure of how to _______?”

If you’re having a tough time getting people to engage, keep it as simple as you can. Give your readers options to choose from, or stick to simple agree / disagree statements.

Once you’ve hopped on the phone and done some market research, we wanna geek out with you – what did you learn about your clients this week? (Seriously… message us!)

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