Lesson 4 – Elevate Your Brand

Eeee! We’re so stinkin’ excited about this one! We could say that every time…but it’s especially true today.

If you have your brand & visuals down pat, kick up your feet! (Or if you’re feeling ambitious, it wouldn’t hurt do a little bit of extra market research this week. We hope it was as big a game changer for you as it was for us!)

You’re going to look at your visuals – of course! – but also give some thought to your systems & workflow to make sure that everything is top notch. Every touch point that a client has with you is a part of your brand… from the time they discover you, right through to the first sale, and beyond!

Here’s your mini challenge for this week!

Implement ONE system that’ll make your client experience go a little more smoothly… whether it’s an email template, onboarding questionnaire, or maybe a quick cheat sheet for your consultations.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes and try to imagine where they might feel a little bit confused, and commit to communicating like crazy.

Once you’ve done that… LET US KNOW how relieved you feel. ?? You’ve just elevated your client experience & brand, big time!

Whipping through the program? Good for you! Make sure that you’re taking the time to implement everything you’re learning. Here’s the next lesson! (Password: thrive2020)

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