Lesson 5 – The Geeky One

One of the big promises of Thrive was that you’d learn how to convert your social followers into paying clients…and the magic happens right here in this long, geeky video. (We tried to make it a little bit fun and invited Super Mario to the party. He was down. ?)

One thing that we do want to reiterate here –

  • For the love of everything that is dear to you, social media is for more than just hunting clients. Don’t continue adding people just so that one lucky day, you can lure them into buying something. That’s not what we’re about.
  • Treat your profile like your living room – a place to hang out with folks you love & make connections. Stop scrolling, stop posting & ghosting, and start conscious conversations. Reply to stories. Comment on posts. Clear your DMs. (You know, be civilized.)

A quick note: You are in for a few challenging lessons, and you’re right at the point where your energy is starting to wane. Stick with it! What you do RIGHT HERE is the difference between wasting a whole lotta time vs. changing the whole game.

Drop us a quick email / DM & let us know how things are going. Which “attract” strategy will you be implementing this quarter? We can’t wait to hear from you! (Yes, this is an accountability check. You’re welcome.)

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