Lesson 6 – Getting Started with Email Marketing

We gotta admit, it feels a little crazy to be implementing an email marketing strategy before we even talk about your social media, right?

Here’s why it makes sense:

  • We talked about attract, nurture, invite, and delight… but you don’t need MORE people in the room to start with this. You need to pay attention to the folks that are already there. If you could sit down with all of your followers for an afternoon, what would you teach them? What gets you fired up? What are some thing that you know they’re wondering about?
  • Your super rad freebie is going to give you something amazing to talk about on social media and it’s a phenomenal way to pour love into your readers… so approaching it this way makes your life easier. Win!

For this week, take your time in brainstorming ideas and organizing information for your lead magnet. We’ve allowed two weeks for you to create it, so don’t worry – we’re not going to rush you and you’re not going to run out of time!

In this video, we chat a bit about regular email content. It’s good to keep in mind as you go through this process, but we’ll focus on that part the week after next.

Accountability check! Once you’ve completed this lesson, let us know what your lead magnet/freebie is BEFORE you move on to the next one! (Heck, we’ll even shout you out and get those list signups rolling for you!)

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