Lesson 8 – Workflow, Time Management & Allll the Confetti!

YOU MADE IT! You have everything you need to implement the lessons from the Thrive Mentorship Program into your business…and you’ve knocked out a good chunk of it over the past couple of months. Cheers to you! Your hard work is going to pay off SO BIG over the next couple of years.

There’s no page on this in the workbook, but if you’d like to have a peek at our workflow, watch the video below! Nerd alert.

What’s next?

You can always check back in (password: thrive2020) and refine any of the systems you’ve put in place over the past few months. What works for us isn’t necessarily going to work for everyone, but now that you have a solid foundation to work from and you can perfect it for YOUR business.

We’ve said it before and we have to say it one more time: the more consistently you show up, the more quickly you will see juicy results from your marketing.

Keep at it! We’re super excited to follow along (and cheer you on) in your business journey.

Your biz BFFs, Doreen and Carolyn

PS: Remember how you didn’t have to pay a penny for this program? We’d super appreciate some feedback on your experience – please fill out this anonymous survey. Thanks, friend!

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