Social Shakedown — Content Planner


Are you sinking hours upon hours into your social media… scoping out everyone else’s stuff for inspo, racking your brain for content on the fly, and not seeing a single extra dollar to show for it? Kinda makes you want to toss your phone into a lake, right?

Winging it could work, once in a while. But if your main strategy is “shoot, I haven’t posted yet today” – we gotta fix that.

  • Start actually enjoying social media, because you know exactly what to post… and your audience responds to what you share.
  • Build genuine connections with your readers and create a loyal, engaged community.
  • Amp up your sales content to get those dollars into your jeans!

Terms You are free to use this program for your own business but may not sell it, distribute it, or re purpose this content in any way. Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final.


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