Rock Your Reels

“I don’t want to shake my booty & point at things… and I’m not funny.”

“WHO HAS an extra 3 hours a day just for reels? Not me.”

“I’m a tech dinosaur.”

We get it. It feels like Instagram rolls out a new feature every third day — keeping up is straight up impossible. The good news is, you don’t have to. But if you’re curious about reels and have a little extra bandwidth to take on something new…

Your business will thank you.


Creating reels just got a whoollllllle lot easier (and WAY more fun) with this crash course in your business back pocket. Ready to create reels *so good* that people are hitting refresh in hopes of seeing something new from you?

  • Stop pulling your hair out on the FREAKING TECH

  • Get a handle on your workflow so your reels don’t take three hours each 😬

  • Create reels that are ALL YOU and get tangible results for your business

  • Ramp up your account growth with qualified followers – it’s not too late to start!


Here’s what we’ll cover…

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the tech nightmare (no, it’s not just you!) so we step it back to the VERY basics and teach you how to quickly create polished, professional videos.

Lesson 1 :: Post Your First Reel in 10 Minutes or Less

Lesson 2 :: Time the Text in Your Reel

Lesson 3 :: Add a Voice Over to Your Reel

Lesson 4 :: Add Music to Your Reel (even if you don’t have music on Instagram)

Lesson 5 :: Repost Your Reel with a New Cover (handy for Instagram glitches)

Lesson 6 :: Avoid Squished Up Text in Your Reel

Lesson 7 :: Reels Editing — Best Practices

Wing your eyeliner… not your reels. Get down to the nitty gritty on WHY you’re creating reels and find how you can make sure they’re working for your business.

Lesson 1 :: Reels for Introverts

Lesson 2 ::  Hashtags for Reels

Lesson 3 :: What’s ACTUALLY Working with Your IG Reels (How to Read Analytics)

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to get fancy. Trim down the time it takes to create reels, add in fun & engaging transitions, etc.

Lesson 1 :: Flattering, Visually Engaging Videos

Lesson 2 :: Scripting for Reels — How to Plan What to Say

Lesson 2 :: Transitions

Lesson 3 :: Create an Efficient Reels Workflow

If you want to be seen as the go-to expert in your field, you gotta show up and act like one. That means you need a plan. Ready to quit slapping up lip dubs and and hoping that something happens?


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