You’re an entrepreneur, which means that you love being in charge of every aspect of your business – but it also means that work has a tendency to take over your life.

You are sinking hours upon hours into your social media & marketing materials… searching, subscribing, half-watching webinars, staring at that blinking curser, and racking your brain for content on the fly.

Kinda makes you want to light your hair on fire, right?

Imagine double the brainpower, double the strategy, and double the efficiency in your marketing efforts.

Design & Marketing Assistance

This is for you if…

  • you’d like to spend less time wrestling with your socials

  • the visual appearance of your brand doesn’t match the quality of your product

  • you’re looking to attract spendier clients, but your marketing efforts feel scattered & ineffective

We’re happy to help with social media content, email newsletters, visuals such as print materials, brochures, ads—and the strategy behind all of it. You set the budget by choosing how many hours you’d like to reserve, and every month we’ll set aside that time just for your projects.

Currently booking 60-90 days in advance. Schedule your chat with Doreen right here!

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One Week VIP Sprints

This is for you if…

  • you’ve got a marketing project that’s got you ready to light your hair on fire

  • you’ve thought about outsourcing it, but you don’t have time to hold someone’s hand

  • you need it done—and done well—ASAP

This is your fast-pass, skip-the-line, stop-messing-around graphic design and content writing solution. Whether it’s social media content, email marketing sequences, course creation, or website, copy… we’ve gotchu.

We’ll turn off our notifications, crank up the tunes, pour up a gigantic mug of coffee, and buckle down to work some serious magic—all in a single week. (It’s astonishing what we can get done in that time.)

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“We were so lucky to work with Doreen from Knap Creative! She jumped right into our vision + knew what we needed; she was a dream to work with—and has been so supportive and encouraging of this community.”


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