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Rally for a tally.

💡 Is it just me or is every quiz ever completely irresistible? Make sure you keep this super easy to pick up with just a few niche-specific items. Share your own results in the comments too!

Give yourself one point for every item that you’ve done… mistake edition!

💡 Small Shops

(1) Experienced buyer’s remorse (2) Bought the wrong size, because try-on felt like way too much work at the time (3) Spent more than you planned (4) Didn’t find what you were looking for

💡 Social Media Marketing

(1) Deleted a post that didn’t have enough engagement (2) Overthought a caption so much that you never posted it (3) Accidentally discarded ALL of your draft reels (4) Answered your own question in the story sticker

💡 Business Coach

(1) Missed an opportunity because you weren’t 100% ready (2) Didn’t track your numbers (3) Did a happy dance when someone made a purchase (4) Got in over your head

💡 Photographer

(1) Regretted your clothing choice (2) Yelled at your kids before a shoot (3) Smiled through annoyance at a session (4) Spent hours trying to coordinate outfits


Hey, hi, hello!

💡 There’s no need to justify a #fridayintroduction, just jump right in! For the final question, ask something that’s super easy and will elicit a knee-jerk response from your readers.

Hey! I’m [name], the heart & soul behind [business name]. 70 percent of my waking hours are spent [making blanket forts, listening to fart jokes, and daydreaming about my next plate of nachos]. The other 30 percent is split between [various tasks at your job]. Tell me something… on a scale of 1-10, how self conscious are you about [telling people about your business]? 👇 Not gonna lie, it makes my palms a bit sweaty.


You can be two things at once.

💡 “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and throw rocks at their enemies.” — Blair Warren

Let’s do some of that, shall we?!

Business to Consumer:

You can [want more] and still [be grateful]. You can [take time for yourself] and still [be a great mom]. You can [have a soft tummy] and still [be freakin’ beautiful].

Save this post because you know you’re gonna need this reminder again. ♥

Business to Business:

You can [have a post flop] and still [continue growing]. You can [take breaks] and still [be successful]. You can [have less than 10k followers] and still [make money on Instagram].

 Save this post because you know you’re gonna need this reminder again. ♥


Word on the street.

💡 Social proof sells like nothing else, so don’t forget to include it… every, single, month!


Need I say more?! To [book/order] your [product/service], just send us a fried egg emoji. 🍳


Dream a little dream.

💡 Cast a vision for what your perfect fit client’s life COULD look like… if only she purchased from you. Don’t forget to tell her exactly what to do next!

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow with [the results you’re looking for — 20lbs lighter, in control of your life, in love with your body, handle on your social media, showing up like a pro].

The truth is, if you continue with the same habits and lifestyle choices, you end result with be the same. (I know. BRUTAL.)

If you TRULY want this life, the only thing that’s stopping you is taking ACTION.

I’m opening up 5 spots for [service] so you can [achievement] while still [lifestyle]. Drop me a DM and I’ll shoot you the info!



You think we’re pricing things wrong

You didn’t take pricing your products lightly when you did it — but your viewer might not understand where you’re coming from. Use this reel to explain a little more about what happens behind the scenes!


Original Audio | @whoadudesigns


Show your process / some of the love that goes into creating your product.


Explain why your prices are what they are.

Now this looks like a job for me

There’s plenty of time to add in a few lines of text on the intro for this one! Get into the stuff that’s on your perfect fit client’s mind.


Without Me | Eminem


“When someone struggles with ___” OR “Do you experience any of the following? (List symptoms that someone needs you)”


[Your specialty] is my jam! [Explain.]

💡 Photography :: When brides tell me… I want to look like myself but better / etc
💡 Small shop :: I need a last minute gift / Time to spice up my outfit / etc
💡 Coach :: Still overwhelmed by ___?

Okay, let’s see, where were we…

Hook your viewer’s attention by relating to them on a deep emotional level (which sounds so corny, but for real!) — and use the caption to help ‘em out.


Original Audio | Christine Olmstead


“When you take a break from ___ and come back to it”


The struggle is real. [Explain how you can help.]

💡 Knap Creative :: After you take a break from batching content… only to realize you’ve barely made a dent
💡 Photographer :: POV: looking at your late night edits the next morning
💡 Therapist :: Therapy sessions as ___ (there’s always sh** happening in this world)

Wait a minute

Use this reel to get down to the nitty gritty on stuff that’s been bothering your client for a long time OR take a stand on the stuff you hate about your industry.


Original Audio | @armaitiwellness


“When you casually tell me ____ like it’s no big deal”


Use the caption to educate your viewers!

💡 Small shop :: handmade is ugly
💡 Business coach :: when a dream client wants to pay you in full & doesn’t need an arm twisting sales call
💡 Lash technician :: when your client drops $$$ on lashes but won’t clean them once a day

People can do hard things

Use this reel to teach your readers how to break a bad habit OR encourage them to do something that you know is tough.


Original Audio | @feministabulous


“When you finally ___”


Kidding, but also not. What’s your fave trick to ___?

💡 Small shop :: when people say that cloth diapers are hard
💡 Photographer :: when you manage to coordinate outfits for the whole family in less than ten hours
💡 SMM :: when you start a story without saying “happy friday”


Guilty as Charged

Me: buys 100 notebooks to beautifully write to do lists & keep myself organized

Also me: (share a photo of your reality)

Eep! Can’t wait!

Share something that you’re looking forward to, then keep the conversation rolling by turning it back on your readers and see what THEY are anticipating!

Poll Time!

This is a great way to kick off a week! Use the poll feature to keep it easy & bust some myths about what people might assume about you.

Ask about my habits & I’ll poll you guys to see how well I actually fit in here. 😂

(Ask questions like, “Do you make your bed every morning? Clean up your dishes every night? Plan your content in advance?”)

Pop Quiz

Don’t use the question box for this one — include answers in the quiz so your readers don’t have to think!

Quiz: what do you think is holding you back from [insert goal here: making more $, having more followers, being a super chill mom, etc]?

Follow up with an offer or some advice that’ll help!

Don’t Forget!

Take a quick selfie & share some daily reminders: go drink some water (like now); plug in your mouse tonight so it can charge; you look hot today… anything goes here!

Hey, Hi, Hello!

Here’s a fun spin on a #fridayintroduction. Ask your kids (on camera) what you do for work!

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