Who Do You Want to Attract? Your Dream Customer Profile

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Before we get started, let me introduce you to someone.

Her name is Kelly. She’s a mom of two and a wife of one. She adores her kiddos, but also loves her job.

She’s been in business for six years and has seen some success, but things have been beyond hectic this year. She’s managing more staff, opening a new location, and racking her brain for a source of passive income so she can slow the non-stop hustle.

When things get busy, her marketing is the first thing to go – and she always pays for it when she has to dig herself back out of that inevitable slump.

She loves to kick back and get cozy with a good book, a cup of coffee, and her family… but she also knows that if she spent more time “hugging her business” it would pay off.

(You might have picked up on this already, but Kelly is my dream client.)

Is she going to come knocking on my door tomorrow? Well, no, because I made her up. 

But! Whenever I am creating content, packaging up my services, or doing anything else in my business – I do it for Kelly. I speak to her values, her struggles, and the things that bring her the most joy. My words resonate with women who have things in common with Kelly.

When you connect on an emotional level, attracting your ideal audience (and ultimately clients) is like bees to honey. And it’s surprisingly easy to do once you’ve done this exercise.

We all want to work with amazing people. They’re happy to invest in you and your brand, and they make clocking in every day a breeze because they’re just so dang fun to work with.

When you define your dream client, your messaging becomes consistent and focused. We want to be so clear that we deter folks who aren’t your ideal customer. (Eeek! But that also means that we’ll be irresistible to our dreamiest clients.)

Quality trumps numbers every day of the week – and twice on Sundays.

So, who is your dream client? It’s someone who…
  1. You’ve loved working with in the past
  2. Is happy to pay you what you’re worth
  3. Sees your product / service as a valuable necessity
  4. Has challenges or problems you can serve
  5. Likes you, appreciates your hard work, and will tell her friends about you

When you try to appeal to everybody, your message does not resonate as deeply with the folks that you truly connect with.

Own a set of values and showcase a lifestyle that your audience can buy into, and you will move from a place of “push marketing” to “pull marketing.” Many of us fall into the trap of push marketing – getting our products out there constantly, running sales and promotions, and hoping that something sticks.

But creating value for your specific client is what’s going to set you apart.

Once you have completed this exercise, you will know:

  • which social media platforms you should focus your efforts on
  • how to get more eyes on your products & services
  • which events that you can attend to meet them
  • how to create offerings that fit them perfectly

Understanding what motivates people to buy – or pay a premium – for your product or service is a key part of running a successful business. What are their aims in life and business? What brings them joy? How do you fit into the picture?

It can be really hard to create a whole person out of nothing. Here’s how we make it really easy.
  1. Sit down and jot down a list of the first 5-10 clients that come to mind.
  2. Grade them – yes, just like you were graded in elementary school. “A+” clients are a joy to work with… “F” clients – not so much.
  3. Pause and consider what exactly it was that made those “A” clients so dreamy. Did they pay their bills on time? Loved working with you and shouted your name from the rooftops afterwards? Gave you freedom and trusted to do your job?
  4. Download the worksheet! Have some fun imagining what your client’s daily life looks like – now, and after she works with you. Your service is the bridge between a good day and a bad day for your client. (Read that last line twice. I hope that lights up a little “aha!” in your brain!)

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