Are you tired of Instagram marketing?

It can be tough to move social media followers to your email list — but when you remind them exactly what steps they need to take next, they’ll take action.

Are you tired of your Instagram marketing? You’re constantly showing up because that’s what you’re “supposed” to do… but in the meantime, you are feeling drained.

Honestly, if it hasn’t happened yet… it’s a matter of time. It happens to ALL of us.

Social media is addicting and even though you know better – it’s impossible not to fall into the habit of refreshing your feed without considering what it does to your energy.

But you need to spend time on the platform because, well… work.

I get it! That’s why I’m sharing some of my best practices to get away from the energy suck, while still showing up in a way that feels GOOD.

Post less.

That’s right. You DON’T have to post 3 reels per week or update your stories every 2 hours. Focus on the parts you love. Prioritize those as non-negotiables and pull back on the rest of it. Showing up consistently is not the same as showing up constantly – remember that!

But better.

Social media is never more draining then when you’re posting and showing up just to check it off your to-do list. Create a plan that’ll move readers from a place of curiosity into a purchase. Doing this will make it much less draining because you will start to see direct results from your efforts.

Take a breather.

Choose two days per week where you don’t open the Instagram app. Set an autoresponder for your DMs and go out and live your life. I pinky promise your business won’t fall apart. In fact, both you and your business will likely be better for you.

Instagram marketing doesn’t have to be tiring. It doesn’t have to drain you. Setting boundaries and implementing a strategic plan where you show up less (but better!) will get you the results you’re looking for without the burnout.

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