12 Social Media Post Ideas for July

It’s officially July, and with summer comes a burst of energy and excitement that’s impossible to resist. Cold brew with a hint of sweet cream, anyone?!

We know you want to spend your days poolside with the kiddos, NOT racking your brain for social media content. But if you ghost your community completely, you’ll have to start fresh in September — which is much less fun than it sounds.

We’ve got you covered, friend! Here are 12 easy-breezy-lemon-squeezy post ideas for July.

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Idea #1

Tell us about one thing you’re doing to make the most of your time this summer. Any productivity hacks? Fun activities we should try, maybe? Something to save time in your niche? Share it all with us!

Idea #2

Share one thing that you’d like your clients to know before working with or buying from you? But most importantly, why is it so important?

Idea #3

Do a deep dive on something that you do, that nobody else in your industry does. We love to see uniqueness, then go further by telling us why you do it.

Idea #4

Give advice to your past self. (Make it relate back to your niche!)

Idea #5

Answer a question you get asked often-ish. Yep, even if you’ve answered it before. Chances are HIGH that someone is thinking it and not asking you!

Idea #6

Share how you’re doing with your new year’s resolutions. (Yes, it’s been 6 months, time for a check in).

Idea #7

Charity’s not just for Christmas: feature a local cause that could benefit from extra support this summer, and encourage your community to help out. (Plus, have you ever heard of Christmas in July? It’s a thing, look it up!)

Idea #8

Repost something you’ve already shared this year (or maybe last year!) Chances are, lots of people haven’t seen it — and let’s be real, even your mom doesn’t remember it.

Idea #9

Try a reel! It doesn’t have to be fancy. Take some quick behind-the-scenes video, top it with something that’ll encourage your community, and post away. (IG even has a fancy suggested audio now that will automatically sync for you, just saying)

Idea #10

Share a testimonial, review, or client results, along with some quick info on how we can work with you. Anytime you can make it easier for your clients to book, the more they’ll do it!

Idea #11

Highlight your top selling products or offers. Why are they so popular? Why do WE need one?

Idea #12

Tell us about a time you had crappy service. What did you learn from it? How do you do better in your business? (People love a juicy, gossipy story, spill the beans — but do it in a classy way)

Did you know that you can easily get away with only 12 posts per month? If you want to do more, awesome. But if you’re a one-woman show, three posts a week can do the trick — especially over the summer. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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