12 Social Media Post Ideas for September

It’s officially Back to School season, and with that comes a desire to schedule everything and jump right into routine with both feet, amiright? 

We know you have a TON of to-do’s on your list right now (including finding Gwendolyn’s other shoe she swears she brought home in June) and we want to be part of your commitment to staying consistent this fall. 

Here are 12 ready to roll post ideas: 

Idea #1

Create a “meet the team” series — or if it’s just you, share an intro post! (Yep, again.)

Idea #2

September’s a big month for productivity, so what are your top tips for staying productive & efficient?

Idea #3

Share three things that your community needs to avoid if they’re trying to (insert a common goal here).

Idea #4

Answer a question you get all the time (yep, even if it’s kinda dumb).

Idea #5

Call your audience out on a common excuse they’re making for a lack of progress or results in your niche.

Idea #6

Tell your community what they need to have in place before they work with you!

Idea #7

Give a tip that your community can implement in two minutes or less. Doesn’t have to be groundbreaking stuff — we need reminders once in a while!

Idea #8

What if you were to rewind a year, with the knowledge you have today? Share what you’d do differently.

Idea #9

Highlight some customer success stories or testimonials, showcasing how your stuff has made a positive impact for other humans.

Idea #10

Drop a quick note of encouragement to your community. Keep it super real & meet ’em where they’re at.

Idea #11

Share what people think you do, vs what you actually do. Especially great for internet jobs.

Idea #12

Tell your community how they can prep for the busy season ahead!

If you only post these 12 ideas this month, you’re crushing it! Remember, it’s not about quantity, it’s about consistency and quality. You’ve got this! 

Want more? May we suggest SPARK. Click “sign up now’ to get started! 👇


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