3 Free Instagram Caption Templates to Use This Week

You’re stinkin’ busy… and so are we. So, let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?! Here are 3 FREE Instagram caption templates to use this week. Simply copy and paste and fill in the blanks so for some results-driven, true-to-you caption templates.

  1. Amplify your reach by sharing client accounts, people you’ve collaborated with, or brands that inspire you. Ask your audience to share their faves too! (Exact words: “Other creative biz owners you should follow right now: [tag, tag, tag]”)
  2. Nurture your audience by sharing things they should look for. Share red flags they should avoid when shopping for whatever it is that you do. (Bonus points if you can squeak in a few things that you do to make your client experience extra special.) Remind them to save this post for when they’re ready to buy.
  3. Annnnd what’s social media marketing without a few dollars in your jeans, amiright?! Have you had any conversations with someone who’s on the fence because they don’t feel ready? (Spoiler alert: ready is not a thing.) Address their objections head on… and paint a picture of the reality they could have in three months if they started today. Don’t forget to tell them to BUY at the end.

It’s really that easy! Swipe these 3 FREE Instagram caption templates and use them this week. Your Instagram content will be done and dusted in a BLINK.

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