3 things you need in your holiday marketing strategy

3 Things You Need in Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

3 things you need in your holiday marketing strategy

There are 3 things you need in your holiday marketing strategy, and I’m going to break them down for you right here! Don’t worry — they’re super easy and not complicated. We like to keep things simple! And if reading isn’t your thing, watch the video here.

It’s worth every second you spend coming up with a game plan so you can have the BEST holiday season you’ve ever had.

Part 1: Attract — the quickest way to grow your audience.

First of all, you want to attract people to your brand. This isn’t necessarily something that starts right before the holidays. This is the long game. Don’t lean into this one in summer or fall, but start right after Christmas!

There’s a bajillion ways that you can attract people to your brand, but the quickest way is to “borrow” other people’s audiences. You want to get in front of other people’s audiences. Before you take the leap, you want to make sure they are aligned with your brand — in their values, but also in their audience. That means the people in their audience are the same people who are going to buy from you. So, it’s usually people that are in parallel industries.

Be a podcast guest, participate in summits, and collaborate with other businesses. If you can bundle something up with other businesses, it’s super fun and a win-win for everyone.

These are all great examples of how you can attract people to your brand.

Part 2: Nurture — the one type of content you NEED to be creating for your readers.

You need to nurture the people you already have in your audience. No matter how many people are following you on social media, you need to nurture them — connect and build relationships!

You don’t want to just blast content at them. Have conversations! And any content you put out should be helpful. Anything you can provide your readers with to help ‘em win the day in a small, actionable way is going to land the best. It’s very tangible for them to pick up and will help them change the game!

Digestible, helpful tidbits of information perform very well in the nurture portion of your social media strategy. BUT don’t get stuck there. You have to do Part 3 of your holiday marketing strategy — it’s very important!

Part 3: Invite — how to make your content utterly addictive.

You need to talk about your offer so that people know that it exists. How can your readers get their hands on it? Why do they need it? What’s going to happen after they nab your offer? How will it brighten their lives?

As you ramp up to the holidays, roll out lots of nurture content. Then, during your promo periods, lean hard on the invite content. Invite people to work with you! Don’t be shy about it. You’re supposed to make money on Instagram and in business. If you don’t feel like you’re repeating yourself / being annoying, you’re probably not promoting your offer enough.

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3 Things You Need in Your Holiday Marketing Strategy3 Things You Need in Your Holiday Marketing Strategy3 Things You Need in Your Holiday Marketing Strategy3 Things You Need in Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

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