3 Tips to Rock Your Instagram Reels

Is it just me, or does Instagram roll out a new feature at least once a week? Keeping up is impossible! I completely understand why most business owners are using Instagram reels like this:

  1. Grab an idea from one of their competitors
  2. Point around and shake their booties (which takes longer than they expect)
  3. Obsess about views
  4. Rinse and repeat

Let’s shake this up, shall we? Reels are a great opportunity to grow and nurture your audience — but only if you do it right. Ready to create reels so good that people are hitting refresh in hopes of seeing something new from you? This crash course was made for you.

  • Get a handle on your workflow so your reels don’t take three hours each
  • Stop pulling your hair out on the freaking (!) tech (!)
  • Create reels that are ALL YOU (even if you’re not funny or entertaining) and get tangible results for your business
  • Ramp up account growth… with your perfect fit people

Here’s what we’ll cover:

The Tech

We start with teaching you how to post your first reel in 10 minutes or less, then get down to the nitty gritty on how to time text, add music and voice overs, etc.

The Strategy

Then, we’ll dig into tactics like hashtags for reels, how to figure out what’s actually working, and what to talk about (even if you’re introverted)

Stepping Up Your Game

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to get fancy. We’ll teach you how to trim down the time it takes to create reels, add in fun and engaging transitions, and how to keep your viewers engaged and interested for longer.

If you want to be top of mind when someone thinks of your industry, you gotta show up and be an expert. That doesn’t mean slapping up lip dubs and crossing your fingers. It means having a plan. It means creating reels *so good* that people go wayyyy down the rabbit hole the second they discover you (and sign up for everything they can find). That sounds like a tall order — but it’s exactly why we created this crash course. Sign up now!

Don’t know what to talk about? We gotchu. The Toolbox includes DAILY story prompts that are more than just fluff like what you had in your coffee or what your toddler is up to today (newsflash: nobody cares). Sign up here!


Find your perfect fit client

It's time to stop wasting your effort on anyone and everyone, and finally (finally!) get clear on your ideal client. Boost your sales AND love your job again!

Plan your best year ever

The thing keeping you from success ISN'T lack of consistency, organization, or time. You need clarity on your goals and a strategic plan that you implement.

Create a marketing plan

If you're checking all the boxes to get the word out about your business, but not seeing a steady flow of clients, it's time to nail down a marketing plan.

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