30 Days of Stories That Sell


Stories are absolute magic when it comes to selling on social media — and the best part is, they’re the quickest content to create! Rather than creating these in advance, document your life & business on the fly. You should be able to knock out most of these prompts in 60-ish seconds.

Always, always share behind-the-scenes enthusiasm & frustrations you’re feeling as you are developing your offer. And whenever you get a kind word / testimonial about your product, share that too! Those two things alone = $ in your jeans.

One more pro tip for stories: don’t spend any time wishing your viewers a happy day or telling them what you’re about to talk about. Jump right in with a “headline” and don’t ramble — I pinky promise it’s seamless on the other side & you’ll see your views go up!


Mini Training

What made your girl roll her eyes during the last 24 hours? You’ve got the inside scoop to help her out — so give her a few tips that’ll set her on the right track!

Oh, and when I say mini training, I mean MINI. Think 1-2 minutes, tops. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking stuff… sometimes, your readers just need a gentle reminder.

Two ways to ___. Bam. Done.

Behind The Scenes

Your enthusiasm is contagious, and your frustrations make you human — which means the more of this stuff you share as you’re developing your offer, the better!

Sell Your Freebie

I know, I know, it’s FREE — so there’s no selling involved, right? Nope. You’re still exchanging something valuable (your freebie) for something valuable (their email address) and your readers won’t let just anybody into their inbox. Talk about your freebie just like you would a paid offer! Why do they need it? How is it going to make their life a little sparklier? And how do they get their hands on it?

Sell Your Freebie (Again)

You know what’s crazy? You mention something once and less than 100 percent of your audience jumps on it right away. (I’m being a teeny bit sarcastic.) Talk about your freebie AGAIN. Why might someone hesitate before signing up? Nip it in the bud right here. Then tell ’em why & how to get it into their inbox, pronto.

Friday Introduction

Here’s a fun twist on a Friday Introduction! Ask your hubby, kiddos, or pets what you do for a living and have them answer the question. (You can follow up by clarifying any confusion about who you help & how. 😂)


Let your stories expire over the weekend! You’ll see some extra eyeballs when you start back up again on Monday. (Plus, it’s pretty dang refreshing & does wonders for your mental health.)

Fun & Games

Dive back in to your stories with something entertaining to maximize your engagement. Play a game like “never have I ever” or “true or false” — keep ’em easy breezy and challenge yourself to start as many conversations as possible. (Yes! This DOES make a difference for your bottom line!)

Before Bed

What’s one thing that your viewer can do before her head hits the pillow tonight, that she’ll thank herself for tomorrow? Even better if you can make this hot little tip niche specific!

The Nitty Gritty

Okay, let’s ramp up the sales content. Start with an image slide outlining the problem that you solve. Be. Specific.

Then jump in, face to camera, with a couple of enticing points about your offer. Think clickbait, but less gross. The point here isn’t to give everything away; it’s to drive curiosity. What’s one simple hack that you’re going to give them? How are you going to change the way that they think?

Follow it up with a selfie & tell ’em how to get their hands on your offer!

Red Flags

What are 1-3 red flags when someone’s looking for someone in your niche? Hop on camera & share. This content is great for establishing your expertise & building trust. Loop it into a two way conversation by using the question box to ask your readers for their horror stories too!

Nerding Out

There’s nothing more beautiful than a human who’s being unapologetically enthusiastic about whatever it is that floats their boat. When your readers see how excited you are, it’s going to rub off on them — so don’t be shy about nerding out as you’re developing & tweaking your product!

Flip The Narrative

What’s something on your radar / in your niche that nobody is talking about? Start out by validating a commonly held belief (ie “yeah, social media takes a long time…”) and then get down to it (“…but why is nobody talking about how it’s costing so many small biz owners their mental health?”)

What’s Holding You Back?

Use the quiz feature to ask your audience what’s holding them back from their goals. (A question box won’t work here because it requires wayyyy too much thought — keep it easy breezy to get the engagement you’re looking for!) After that, jump in face to camera & let ’em know how your offer — whether it’s free or paid — is going to help them get to the other side.

Do One Thing

If you do one thing today, let it be this. Whether it’s giving her kiddos a twenty second squeeze (parenting coach) or washing her hair so she can show up in stories tomorrow (marketing coach) — encourage your viewer to take ten minutes and set herself up for success tomorrow.

Your Offer

You can create this stuff in advance, but DON’T make it fancy. Use Instagram text & interactive features right in the app and share your offer in 1-3 slides. First, what’s the biggest transformation? Second, what else is in it for them? How is it going to save them time, frustration, or money? And third, how are they going to get their hot little mitts on it?

The Next Time You

The next time you do something niche specific, do this. The next time you make eggs, add some turmeric (nutritionist). The next time you post a story, talk about your offer (marketing coach). Etc. You get the gist.

How do you feel about ___?

Use the poll or quiz features to suss out how your viewers are feeling about something in your niche. Hop in face to camera for 15-30 seconds & help them get started!

💡 Photographer :: How do you feel about getting your photos taken? Follow up with a tip to help them decide what to wear… and then tell them how many spots you have left & how to book.
💡 Nutritionist :: How do you feel about cooking supper tonight? Follow up by giving them permission to scramble some eggs & call it a day… and then tell them how your offer helps them take away some of that overwhelm.

You’re Okay

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, and allay their fears.” (Blair Warren)

Snap a quick selfie (or pull one out of the archive) and throw a quote on top… but not just any quote. Give your reader permission to be exactly the hot mess she is in this moment… it’ll let her know that you understand her & you’ve got her back. ie “Direction is more important than speed.”

What do the best ___ do?

What are your readers *actually* looking for when it comes to someone in your niche? Hopefully the answers you receive here don’t surprise you, but either way it’s great information! Use the question box to ask, “What do the best ___ do?” (Feel free to drop an example to get the wheels turning.) Drop the answers into your story & assure your audience that you are exactly what they’re looking for!

Your Offer

Yep, I know that you just talked about your offer. But (I know this doesn’t logically come as a surprise, but your emotions might tell a different story) people might need to hear about it a few times before they jump in and make a purchase. Do a quick (90 seconds MAX) rundown of your offer — exactly what it looks like behind the scenes & how it’s going to benefit your reader. Drop in a couple of testimonials, and then tell them to go buy it, pronto.

Objection Buster

There are a few people who saw your stories yesterday and thought about it… and decided not to grab it just yet. Today, you’re going to address any “yeah but’s” that they might have. Nip ’em in the bud. Add another couple of testimonials, and tell them AGAIN that they need to grab it already. (Do you have a happiness guarantee? This is a great time to casually drop that in!)


What are a few questions you get asked all the time? They’re probably in your sales page already — but that’s usually the last place that people hit just before they buy. Hop into your stories & address ’em today. Follow up with a couple of testimonials and tell your readers how to purchase your offer! (Yep, you’re repeating yourself. That means you’re doing it right.)

Who’s a Good Fit?

Let your readers self qualify for your offer by telling them exactly who it’s a perfect fit for… and who it’s *not* for. Do a mixture of face-to-camera video, selfies or brand photos, boomerangs, and text overlays to keep this series visually engaging — and try to keep it under 90 seconds! Follow up with testimonials if you have ’em, and don’t forget to tell your viewers how to purchase from you.

You Don’t Need

What are some things that might be holding your reader back from taking action & achieving her goals? Maybe she thinks she needs to be wearing a full face of makeup before showing up in stories. Maybe she thinks it’s just for the kids — she has to be under 40. Maybe she her teeth are too crooked, or she doesn’t have anything useful to say.

Let her know that she *doesn’t* need any of those things before she jumps in! How can you encourage her & help her shift her mindset so that she takes the leap? If your offer helps, cool — you can talk about that. But even if it doesn’t — you can still give her some tips. Making her feel seen & heard will make your brand ridiculously sticky for her.

When You Start ___

Social proof is *huge* when it comes to making sales in your stories! What happens when someone purchases from you? Share, share, share! Follow up by letting your readers know how stinkin’ happy it makes you & how they can get the ball rolling.

Here’s Why You’re Not Getting Results

What does your perfect fit client do *before* she invests in someone like you? Why doesn’t it work? Briefly let her know why she’s not seeing results just yet — and what makes your offer different.


YOU know that you’re not perfect, and admitting it to your potential clients can feel pretty darn scary. But! Let them know that you struggle too, and why it’s okay. (Real talk: that’s probably why you created your offer, so tie that in & let her know how it’s going to make her life easier!)

Objection Buster

There are a few people who saw your stories yesterday and thought about it… and decided not to grab it just yet. Today, you’re going to address any “yeah but’s” that they might have. Nip ’em in the bud. Add another couple of testimonials, and tell them AGAIN that they need to grab it already. (Do you have a happiness guarantee? This is a great time to casually drop that in!)

Ten Min

Drop a list of niche related tasks that your reader can do in 10 minutes or less. (Yep, that’s literally it.)

Do You Feel

Use the poll feature to spark some engagement & dig right in to what your perfect fit client is feeling today: Do you feel like ___ ? Are you craving ___? Are you tired of ___? Follow up by sharing your offer and telling them how it’s going to make their lives better! Always remember to tell them how to purchase. (Testimonials / social proof are also a win here!)

Which One Are You?

Use the poll feature to ask your readers which camp they fall into: A or B. Follow up with a quick face to camera video explaining how if they’re “A”, you got ’em. Or if they’re “B”, they can sign up for (this result) here. Bam.

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