5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hosting a Giveaway

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hosting a Giveaway

Giveaways can be a great way to grow your following — but ONLY if you’re doing ‘em right! 

Mistake #1 :: Checking a box

There’s no sense in giving away your product if you’re not going to get anything out of it, so define a goal first! Are you looking for more followers? An engagement bump? Sales? Subscribers? 

You won’t be able to measure the success of your giveaway unless you have a handle on your goal.

Mistake #2 :: Too many giveaways

Did someone just reach out to you & ask if you wanted to do a giveaway with them? Does it happen all the time? Do you do it just because you see a jump in your follower count right after the fact? 

Stop right there.

Unless you’re actually converting those new followers to paying clients, it means nothing. 

Constantly giving away your product is like drinking champagne on any ol’ weekday — it loses some of its lustre if it’s not saved for a special occasion. Do 3-4 giveaways per year, tops, and make ‘em juicy.

Mistake #3 :: Not juicy enough

If you’re collaborating with other business owners in your giveaway, high fives! It’s a phenomenal way to gain exposure for your business — but again, you gotta be strategic about it. Make sure that you’re partnering with brands that cater to a similar audience! 

Know what your audience will love and deliver that in spades.

(Folks who are interested in skin care products will also be interested in ____, and people who love ___ also go heart eyes over ___.)

Mistake #4 :: Dragging it out

Keep your giveaway short & sweet. A few days is plenty! Be sure to follow the IG contest rules and include a disclaimer in your post.

Mistake #5 :: Abandoning new readers

I get it, hosting a giveaway can feel like a lot of work. But it’s just the beginning!

How can you keep new readers engaged once they find you? The more memorable you are, the greater chance you have of converting them into clients — whether they win the giveaway or not. Share top notch content during and and after your giveaway to make your brand sticky!

If you’re not up for the challenge, don’t ask for a follow. The easier it is, the more entries you’ll receive.

(You can also offer a promo / incentive immediately following the giveaway while you’re still top of mind for them.)

Make sure you have a post-giveaway game plan! As soon as the contest is over, reach out to your winner and let them know what to do next.

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