5 Ways to Work with a Design & Marketing Assistant

5 Ways to Work with a Design & Marketing Assistant

The first thing we all think of when working with a graphic designer is branding. It’s a great way to make a rockin’ first impression. A strong brand builds trust, helps folks recognize you in a nanosecond, and gives you the freedom to play with the big guys.

That being said… it’s not necessarily the first place to invest when you’re starting a business. It’s very fun and very glamorous, but keep your branding simple & clean in the beginning. Then, once you’ve established your dream client, perfected your offerings, and provided outstanding service – it’s time to take things to the next level.

Content Creation

Graphic design is where it all began. But at the end of the day, a pretty visual isn’t going to do a thing for you unless there’s a bit of strategy behind it. We geek out pretty hard around here about the foundational aspects of your brand – ideal clients, brand messaging, content batching, and sales funnels. It all goes hand in hand.

Website Design & Maintenance

I’m the first to admit that I feel pretty dang powerful when I knock out a page of code – but it’s also the most time consuming, frustrating thing. I have other priorities when it comes to website creation.

We work primarily with premium themes – always tweaking the typography, images, and layout to make your website uniquely yours. Our biggest priorities are conversion strategies and copy writing – that way, we can make sure that your site is really working for you.

We’ll also fix glitches, keep your plugins up to date, provide security, tech support, and SEO services. We’re also happy to update your content as needed.

Social Media Management

Most small business owners have a love/hate relationship with social media. It can be an incredibly powerful tool, but it can also be an incredible time suck – and it’s another one of those to-do list items that you can never really check off. If you’d like to optimize your social media for maximum sales, show up consistently, and actually make money from your social media profiles… that’s where we come in! (We’ll provide strategy or day-to-day management.)

Small Biz BFFs

Balancing life & business can be tricky, but it gets a whole lot easier once you have a sidekick. We’re the girls you turn to when you’re ready to get “unstuck” in your digital marketing.

If you need a fresh perspective from someone who’s got business experience (and who’s got your back) we’re it!

Consulting services allow you to be as hands-on as you wish, but gain clarity around your offerings, get eyeballs on your profiles, and up your bottom line. There is so much in our job description that doesn’t fall into neat little categories, but if we HAD to sum it all up in one word, it’d be support.

You’ve got a lot on your to-do list. Let us help! Drop us a line right here.

Sometimes you’re just too dang busy bringing home the bacon to sink hours upon hours into your social media. Meet our handy dandy marketing toolbox!


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