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Story Prompts

I know you want to keep it fresh & fun and mix things up on stories, but at the end of the day there are certain things that just perform really well AND are easy to create so I will recommend them every single month for ever and ever. 😂 Read it, remember it, do it.

  • Stay on the lookout for small, teachable moments that you can relate back to your reader. This one takes a bit of thought but it leads to super relatable and relevant content that is all you. So good.
  • BTS (to do list, your desktop, what you’re working on, boomerangs, cute selfies), use polls and sliders to boost engagement whenever you can
  • Testimonials & social proof as it comes through… don’t be shy to brag!
  • Share one other person’s post & tag ‘em

You can also use any of the above caption starters in stories 🎉🎉

Reel Ideas

Views on your reels are very cool and fun, but let’s talk about the tangible results. Are your views turning into comments, DMs, or shares? What about SALES?!

The purpose of the reel itself is to grab the attention of the viewer, but the actual success of your reel is dependent on your caption. Take your audience through the experience that leads to connection or conversion. Give a clear call to action inside the reel, then follow it up with a juicy caption — and keep track of what’s working / what’s not!

  • No effs given 🔊

  • Instagram vs reality in your industry

  • Share a gif + slap on a caption (any of the templates provided here, add a funny sound)

  • Tell me you’re ___ without telling me

  • FAQ: imitate your client

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