Five Steps to Batching Your Instagram Reels

batch instagram reels.

Here are 5 steps to batching your Instagram reels. You know that Instagram reels can be a game-changer, especially since IG has voiced that they’re now favouring video content. What you may be stuck on though, is how to batch your Instagram reels so that you don’t spend hours every single day, trying to come up with something new. It can be easy to get lost in the reel world, scrolling through piles of reels in the hopes that something will spark some inspiration. Here’s the thing — it’s important to separate inspiration from straight up copying. (Plus, creating before consuming helps keep you out of the compare & despair mindset.)

Give yourself an allotted period of time, set a timer, and promise yourself you won’t go over that time.

Here’s how we’re batching our reels (and how we suggest you do it too!). 👇🏻

Step 1: Start with Reflection

That’s right — we’re not going to let you jump in without a strategy!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want to sell? (What do I want to be known for?)
  • Who is my PFP (Perfect Fit Person)?
  • How can I help her save time, money and/or frustration without expecting anything in return? What questions can I answer for her?

Bullet point/quick answers for this are fine. Having these questions answered will help you create fresh, original content instead of regurgitating the same thing she’s just seen 1000x in her explore page. (Because as fun and proper as that looks, it’s not going to do shit for making your brand stick. Hey, we just call it as we see it.)

Step 2: Find Your Audios

I’m guessing that for some of your ideas, you could simply hop on face-to-cam and talk/rant about it right NOW. (If you’re so inclined, DO IT. Hop into stories, save them and repost as a reel in 2 weeks.)

Either take these ideas and do it right now, or jot the ideas down.

I’m guessing you ALSO have a bunch of reels saved for later because you wanted to use the audio with your own spin on them. Using a piece of paper (or a Google Doc), come up with a game plan.

Step 3: Record Your Reels

Gather your props, clear a space, light it up (facing a window will give you the best light!), floof your hair and give ‘er.

Make sure you’re hitting save often and, besides saving your finished video as a draft in your Instagram app, make sure you also save the finished video, just in case.

Step 4: Edit Your Reels

Looking for tips on how to edit your reels? Check out our manual for editing basic reels.

Step 5: Get it Ready to Post and then… POST your reel!

This is probably the hardest part, let’s be honest. Posting your reel for the world to see can feel like a big deal (and it is — go you!!).

Create your cover (Canva is a great tool for this!), write your caption and find your hashtags.

And there you have it — a sure fire way to batch your Instagram reels. Happy creating!

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