Five Types of Buzz-Worthy Social Media Content

Social media engagement is crucial when building a brand online. Your social media is your digital storefront, and you want your audience to look forward to allll of the warm and fuzzy feels when they see your content. But HOW? Here are 5 types of buzz-worthy social media content ideas that’ll get the wheels turning.

Encouraging Posts
These are really good ones, you guys. You see them everywhere – they’re super shareable, and they’re almost always the ones that you hit the save button on!

The trick to doing this without being cheesy is to give your audience exactly what they needed to hear today.

And the way to do THAT is to get right down to the nitty gritty… what’s a part of their life that they’re scared to admit? That’s a great place to start!

Example 1: “It took me two years to make a proper full time income. It took me four years to sell my first online course. It took me seven years before I felt like I was on to something. It took me ten years to feel like I was on solid financial ground. And there was a whole lot of ups & downs the whole way through.” (@alexbeadon)

Example 2: pretty much every meme ever ?

Decision Posts
You can do your market research and develop new offerings right on social media! People love to share their opinions and be a part of something greater. Ask your audience what they think about what you’re working on and get live feedback!

Expertise Posts
Share a little peek behind the scenes of your life and / or business and ask your audience for their take on it. We love to be helpful and it’s a great way to crowdsource ideas!

Example 1 (Work): “I have way too much stuff to do this week and I’m totally freezing up. How do YOU prioritize your to-do’s?”

Example 2 (Personal): “I just bought an Instant Pot! What’s your best pressure cooker recipe?”

Entertaining Posts
These are the posts where you just loosen up and have a little bit of fun! They’re super easy to engage with and elicit a quick knee-jerk response in your audience.

(Maybe you don’t think you have it in you to be entertaining… but these posts are irresistible.)

Example: “Which type are you?” (two images, one with a 5000 unread emails notification, the other inbox 0 – you KNOW you’re one of these!)

Of course, we can’t go without talking about these!

Authority Posts
What do you want to be known for?

You need to tell your audience (again and again, and again) what you offer, and for whom. There’s a lot of noise out there and we need to hear the same thing 7+ times before it sinks in! Keep providing helpful, valuable content around your niche and putting yourself out there so that you’re top of mind when someone is looking for what you have to offer!

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