Four Signs YOU Need a NEW Website

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First impressions MATTER.

When’s the last time you’ve visited a roadside motel?

Hopefully it’s been a minute, but either way — it served its purpose. But they’re usually kinda dingy and gross. You’re not sure if you really want to put your luggage onto the ground and you’re curious why the mini fridge smells like that. (On second thought, you actually don’t want to know.) Needless to say you’re not super comfortable, and you’re staying ONLY as long as you need to.

But when you walk into a chic boutique hotel, you immediately feel at home. (Well, better, really.) You’re dying to sit your tushy down on the plush furnishings. You’re relaxed. You’re reveling. You want to stay as long as humanly possible. And you’re fantasizing about your next stay before you’ve even finished the first one.

Your website should feel THAT irresistible. 

How do you know if it’s time for an update? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself.

  1. Have you gone through a rebrand or shift in your messaging and positioning since your website was made? A website should align seamlessly with your brand’s image and effectively communicate your values, products, and services to potential clients.
  1. Do you search for what you need on your phone? Duh, of course you do, and so does the rest of the planet. 🤣 Which makes it pretty dang important for a website to be mobile responsive. We happen to know that search engines also prioritize mobile friendly websites, so having a responsive design can improve search engine rankings AND attract a broader audience.
  1. Everyone’s always talking about SEO. Why? Because it matters. If your current website lacks sufficient analytics tools, or if you’ve outgrown the tracking capabilities we can get you better results. How? A shiny new and fresh approach to SEO, relevant keywords, and improved content structure. Organic website traffic here you come!
  1. Feeling like you might be behind the times when it comes to all the fancy new features and integrations? Lucky for you it’s our job to know every update inside and out to provide you with, not only the newest, but the best features possible. Whether it’s adding online booking systems, customer portals, or other interactive elements, we’ve got you covered! Your new website will not only serve your clients but your business too! 

It comes down to this: you want your clients to pay top dollar, right? (Um, of course.) Which also means they need to take you seriously, so YOU have to take you seriously. Enter Knap Creative with a world class website design that gives them a taste of what’s to come. We’re here to make your online visitors feel at home and make your site so stunning that they can’t wait to come back for more. Oh, and you’ll be showing up in searches too (and those insights and analytics will be through the roof — you’re welcome in advance 😉).