Launching in a Saturated Market

Even if you’re launching in a saturated market, you’ll need a launch plan that’ll get you noticed. Here’s how you can create one. Key word here: plannnnity plan plan plan. Your content calendar has to match up to your sales goals, or you’re going to waste a whole lotta time. That’s why we need to start with the numbers!
  1. How much do you want to make on this launch? 
  2. Jot down a list of all of your offers & their price points. 
  3. Then, take note of your expenses.
  4. What looks like it’ll be profitable? How many of each product do you need to sell to meet your goal? 
Now, you can build your campaign backwards.
  1. List out important dates: open for pre-orders, launch day / week, etc.
  2. What platforms can you commit to showing up on, and how often?
Review the basics. Your launch is about your product, sure. But more importantly, it’s about your people. Apple isn’t geeking out about all of their specs — they’re telling you how their products are going to change your life.  Getting clear on the basics is going to make planning your content eleven million times easier. (I measured. That’s accurate.)
  1. Who are you speaking to? I know, you’ve probably done a thousand “ideal client avatar” exercises already. But what are five things you know for sure about who your perfect fit client is? And who she is not?
  2. What’s getting on her nerves? What are the little things that make her sigh and roll her eyes a thousand times a day? Maybe it’s having to bundle her kid into the car seat while holding onto a sippy cup, car keys, diaper bag, and five stuffed animals. Maybe it’s having to wake up the baby to bundle said kid into the car seat for kindergarten drop-off. Maybe it’s her pup barking up a storm while she’s trying to record a podcast episode. These don’t have to be big! The smaller & more specific, the better.
  3. How can you help? This can be your paid offer, but it doesn’t have to be! Maybe you just bought a gigantic backpack with legs that’ll solve all of her car seat problems. Maybe you found a dog treat that’s worked wonders for your own pup. If it’s going to brighten her day, you should talk about it.
Nurture your audience. We will forever tell you that nurturing your audience is a good idea, especially before a launch. And especially, especially when you’re launching in a saturated market. Love on readers hard and become a go-to resource for them. That way, they’ll appreciate and trust you enough to buy from you when you’ve got something to sell. Long runways are toooootally okay here! Consistent content will always win over perfect posts, so even if you’re not quite sure — put it out there & see how it lands! Build some hype. Once you know what you’re selling and to whom, it’s time to get the party started!  Don’t wait till everything is done & dusted before you start talking about your product. Share what’s happening behind the scenes as you’re creating it! When you’re excited, we’re excited — so take advantage of those happy little pockets of energy when you are in the flow zone. As you get closer to your official launch date, there are plenty of ways to build even more hype. Which ones are you the most excited about? — host a giveaway — share a countdown — connect with influencers — host a challenge — share a workshop / masterclass Prime your audience. You want your people to be leaning forward in their seats with their wallets ready by the time that launch day comes around! Here’s what you need to cover in your marketing content.
  • What are some common hesitations people have before purchasing a product like yours?
  • What about limiting beliefs that might be holding them back from a purchase?
  • Do you have testimonials, case studies, or other social proof?
  • What are they irritated or struggling with?
  • Why is your product different from the others? 
  • What small wins can you give them?
  • What are some FAQs?
Aaaaand launch. Aka, promote. It’s not your reader’s job to figure out how she can purchase from you — tell her on every single ding dang post how she can do that. You’re launching in a saturated market and she knows that she can shop with Mary-Jane down the street. What sets YOU apart?! Don’t just talk about your offer once or twice and complain when it bombs. You have to talk about it. You have to talk about it A LOT. Yes, it’s exhausting. But it’s exhausting either way so you might as well give it your all. (Plus, y’know, dollars in your pockets.) Don’t forget that any clever promo can be applied to your business too! Even if your competitors aren’t doing it (especially if they aren’t doing it), you can: — create a bundle — share an incentive (discounts or bonuses) — cross promote with other business owners (make sure they have a similar audience!) — upsell — repeat, repeat, repeat You don’t have to be gross about making these time sensitive, but if they’re under a week it helps. Taking these simple steps into consideration while planning your launch in a saturated market is sure to get you noticed!
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