How to Batch Your Instagram Content

How to Batch Your Instagram Content

Batch your content, they said. It’ll make your life easier, they said.

And then… real life. 😂 Can I get an amen?!

If you can’t seem to get a handle on batching, don’t beat yourself up about it. Maybe it won’t ever work for you, or maybe you just haven’t found the right approach just yet.

Instead of blocking off a full day once a month and crossing both fingers and toes that you’ll happen to be in a creative mood that day, try batching each section of your content instead.

GAME PLAN (30 min)

What do you want to promote this month / quarter? Brainstorm a few headlines that’ll help your perfect fit person around your offer. Easy peasy.

CAPTIONS (4-ish hours per month)

Some people do captions first, some people do photos first. Find what works for you! You should have a few headlines from Step 1 — just flesh ’em out with a few bullet points. Brain to paper, no filter.

IMAGES (1 hour per month)

If you’ve got brand photos, this will take almost no time at all! Infographics and carousels are performing well these days though, so if you want to whip up a few graphics in Canva do ’em all at once!

HASHTAGS (30 min)

I know, everybody’s favourite. If you regularly cycle these out though, it shouldn’t take a ton of time!

If you post reels in your content, (1) high fives! and (2) you can split this process too: brainstorming, scripting, filming, editing, and captions / hashtags / covers.

How much content do YOU generally create at once? One post? A week? A month? More?!

Head over to our Instagram for tons of easy-to-implement, helpful tips and *finally* uncomplicate your marketing! Or, stick around and peruse the blog a bit longer — you already know it’s jam-packed with gold nuggets!

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