How to Create a Social Media Strategy That Makes Sense For Your Business

The biggest reason that people get stuck and cannot make lasting changes to their marketing strategy is because we struggle to create new habits. It happens to everyone, and if that sounds like you – trust me, you’re not alone.


You start out with such good intentions, but more often than not, it doesn’t take long to fall off the bandwagon.


So many of us are just winging it. Maybe creating content on the fly feels like it works pretty well for you.


But how much more effective would you be if you put some advance thought into the strategy behind that content?


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Benjamin Franklin


Let’s hop in.


Narrow Your Focus


Imagine that you have six soccer balls. You want to get a goal (duh) BUT you only have six kicks available to you. So, you have two options –


  1. Give each ball a really solid kick
  2. Choose one ball and kick it six times


Which one is more likely to work?


Obviously, the single ball.


The same goes for your marketing efforts.


You may have chosen to focus your efforts on “social media”, but which platform is the best fit for you?


Where is your ideal client hanging out?


Where do you have FUN hanging out with them? (If you don’t enjoy it at least a little bit, it’s probably not going to last.)


Once you nail one platform and start to really see success there, it will be soooo much easier to adjust and amplify your efforts on other platforms.


Don’t try to learn a million things and put a million systems in place at the same time – it’s a recipe for chaos.


So – step 1 is to choose your platforms wisely. Don’t diffuse your efforts over the whole Internet. It really is okay to show up in one place, and do it well, before moving on.


Strategy Over Tactics


We get asked all the time about what to post, which hashtags to use, which program to use for scheduling, how to beat the algorithm, etc. Of COURSE these are things that you should consider, but they are only one sliver of the pie when creating a strategy that’s going to get results in your business.


Likes don’t pay the bills! As business owners, we’re after raving fans, leads, and sales – yes? Don’t get so caught up in the tools and tactics that you lose sight of the bigger picture.


The first thing you need to do is create a plan that’s going to help you achieve your overall business goals. Make sure that what you’re posting on social media is aligned with your goals!


Worrying about the tactics is the last piece of the puzzle, not the first piece – but many people start and stop there.

That is EXHAUSTING. Most of the time, we are failing to succeed not because we aren’t using the tools correctly, but because we don’t have the rest of our strategy sorted out.


Create Content in Batches


You’re busy. You have a ton of stuff on the go between jobs and kiddos and hubbies and pups and your business… but are you working for social media, or is it working for you?


Find a frequency that works for you. It might be once a week, it might be once a month, it might even be once a quarter. Go to a restaurant or cafe by yourself with your planner and come up with an OUTLINE.


You don’t have to write all of the content in one sitting. Even just the outline is going to go a long ways! You can fill in the gaps as you go, but once you know where you want to take your business – you need to create a plan that’ll get you there.



If you’re pushing your social media content to the bottom of your to-do list every day, let’s cut the BS. Every month, we create a guide with helpful tidbits about seasonal shifts, holidays, and stuff you should prepare for (that you might otherwise forget). We also share 3-ish post ideas per week that’ll get the wheels turning — juicy story ideas, easy-to-fill caption starters, and our best back pocket strategies every single month.


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