How to Get Comfortable On Video (and what to post!)

Here’s how to get comfortable on video (and what to post).

You know how you can have a 20 second conversation with someone while you’re waiting in the checkout line as you’re buying a new house plant & it sticks with you all day?

Meeting someone in person is the quickest way to feel connected with them!

The next best thing? Video.

After that comes audio, and written content comes last.

This is true in your personal life, but it’s also true in your marketing! If you’re ready to fast track your growth, make sure that you’re posting video content regularly.

Your audience needs to feel like they know, like, and trust you before they’ll jump into a purchase – and the quickest way to do that is through video.

We are huge advocates for posting on Instagram stories! Instagram is the #1 lead source in our business, and we are 1000% confident that it’s because we are showing up in stories.

How can we be so sure? The data doesn’t lie! We can go back and track accelerated growth to the month that we started focusing our efforts in stories!

But! We’re not here to tell you that you need to do something, and not give you the tools to actually do it.

Here’s how get comfortable on video.

Talk to yourself!

In the car, when you’re doing the dishes, and especially while you’re creating content. The more you practice talking like you would in your video content, the more natural it will start to feel.

Forget about perfection.

Bloopers are hilarious and NOBODY cares that you haven’t gotten around to waxing your ‘stache this month. (Or maybe they do, but so far those slips haven’t hurt me any!)

Do something relaxing right before your video – belt out your favourite song, stretch, or do a few jumping jacks.

There’s something about shaking it loose beforehand that’ll carry a relaxed, natural tone right through to your video.

Prepare an outline and do two takes. (Record both, because the first one might actually be better – you haven’t had time to stiffen up after your relaxing activity. ?)

If you need to, create a private account or close friends group and practice with a small – or nonexistent – audience, just to get in the groove.

The most helpful thing you can do is to COMMIT to showing up at least a few times per week. It’s amazing how quickly you’ll start to feel comfortable on video! (And watch your bottom line shoot up – YES!)

When you’re talking to your audience on stories, MAKE SURE that you’re adding subtitles. Yes, it’s time consuming. Yes, it’s a pain in the butt.

But over 80 percent of your audience is watching videos while in the checkout line, or waiting for friends on their lunch break, or heck, while they’re in the bathroom.

It is so worth the extra few minutes it takes to make sure that the content you’re producing is actually reaching your readers!

Ready to jump in? Once you get over the hurdle of holding up your phone and talking into it….

What do you say?

1. Share what’s happening behind the scenes! These videos are so fun to watch, always get the conversational ball rolling (which is what you want!), and best of all… they’re super easy to produce! Bonus: There is SO MUCH VALUE in showing a bit of the love that goes into what you do!

2. FAQs. Think of a few questions that you get asked all the time and answer them in your stories!

3. Deep dive on the content in your feed! If you’re anything like us, you’ve got plenty to say about your craft and how you can improve the lives of your audience. Use your stories to reiterate or clarify your grid posts.

There are going to be days where you feel cute enough to hop in front of the camera, in which case go for it!

But there are also going to be days where your hair is a rat’s nest and the only clean pants you have are the ones you painted your house in last fall. You can still show up!

1. Share your to-do’s. It’s almost as gratifying to watch YOU check off your to-do list as it is for us to check off our own.

2. Shouting out other businesses is always so (!!) appreciated. Plus, it’s a great way to get new eyes on your stories. Double win!

3. Scroll. If you’ve got a post that performed really well in the past, or if you’re running a promo… do a quick screen grab of yourself scrolling through the sales page or post. Easy peasy!

Have a small library of images in your phone that you can pop into stories. Creating daily content can be exhausting, but this way you can still show up consistently… and that is everything.

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