How to Get More Views on Stories

When you’re posting on stories but only seeing a smattering of viewers, it’s pretty dang tough to stay motivated to do it every day. But SO MUCH of the magic of Instagram happens behind the scenes once you get a handle on your stories, so here’s what you need to do:

Post almost every day.
(Personally I take Friday – Sundays off… no need to post on weekends!) Spreading out 5-10 slides throughout the day works very well, so there’s always something fresh when your audience checks in.

Don’t feel like you need twenty slides a day.
A couple in the morning, a couple more around midday, and a couple in the afternoon is a GREAT cadence. 5-10 slides is plenty – and if you’re just starting out, 3-5 is totally okay!

Yes, that’s in caps and yes, it means I am yelling at you. Seriously though… over 85% of your audience is watching on silent, and they’re going to skip right on by if you don’t put text on top. (Also, don’t animate the text because we just don’t have the patience. Type it on top so we can tap through quickly and you’ll retain more viewers! Yes, it’s a pain. Yes, it’s temporary. As of March 2021 Instagram has rolled out automatic captions for some accounts, so it’s a matter of time before we all have that feature… praise be!)

Boost engagement.
Post a quick poll or quiz at the beginning of the day / week so that your engagement sees a little boost before you get into your regular content.

Shake things up!
Combine face-to-camera, images, boomerangs, and curated content to keep things fresh & interesting.

Lose the fluff.

Don’t just show up with fluff! Remember that your stories are not about YOU, they’re about your client. The more you can say you, the better.

    1. Shift “here’s what I had for lunch” to “here’s a quick lunch recipe for those busy days”
    2. Shift “I love this thing” to “here’s how my favourite thing will make your life easier”

When someone replies to your story, put some effort into a reply! Remember that the goal is to start conversations & build relationships, so when your audience is making an effort to chat with you WHY ARE YOU NOT TALKING BACK?!! (Yeah I get a little fired up about this one)

And to cap things off, here’s a little BONUS for you: Avoid These Story Mistakes

Don’t know what to talk about? We gotchu. The Toolbox includes DAILY story prompts that are more than just fluff like what you had in your coffee or what your toddler is up to today (newsflash: nobody cares). Sign up here!

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