How to Make More Money on Instagram

How to Make More Money on Instagram I wanna have a quick chat with you about why you’re not selling anything on Instagram AND give you all the tips you need so you know exactly how to start making more money on Instagram. First things first! You need to be absolutely, 100%, CRYSTAL CLEAR on what you’re trying to sell. So, you can’t be over here and then over there… trying to sell a million things. It’s just not going to work. Ask yourself what is the ONE thing that you want to sell this month? That is the thing you need to focus on and sell on Instagram. The second thing you need to do is this: After you’re clear on your goals, you need to show up and actually TELL PEOPLE about your offer. I know that sounds really obvious, but I promise you’re not being annoying when you mention it every single ding-dang day. Talk about your offer, otherwise people are not going to know what it is. Last but certainly not least: That brings me to my third point which is VIDEO! Yeah, you’re going to hear it probably for the zillionth time. If you’re not showing up on video yet, YOU NEED TO. You’re going to have a really tough time selling anything on Instagram because no matter what it is that you sell, anyone can Google your offer and buy it from Joe Blow down the street. They can find it and buy it from anyone and you want them to buy it from YOU. The thing that’s going to make your perfect fit clients buy from YOU is when you’re showing up as YOU, as a human. I know it can be terrifying, but showing up on video is going to change the whole Instagram game for your business! Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for more marketing tips that’ll not only tell you how to start making more money on Instagram, but what to do TODAY to level up your business. And if you’re running stuck or just straight up short on time, you’ll LOVE our marketing toolbox. It’s jam-packed with all in the Instagram marketing ideas and templates that you’ll ever need for your small business. Ready to rock?! Sign up now. Instagram Marketing Toolbox for Small Business


Find your perfect fit client

It's time to stop wasting your effort on anyone and everyone, and finally (finally!) get clear on your ideal client. Boost your sales AND love your job again!

Plan your best year ever

The thing keeping you from success ISN'T lack of consistency, organization, or time. You need clarity on your goals and a strategic plan that you implement.

Create a marketing plan

If you're checking all the boxes to get the word out about your business, but not seeing a steady flow of clients, it's time to nail down a marketing plan.

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