How to Prep for a COVID Christmas

I know I KNOW it’s only juuuust the beginning of fall… and if you’re one of those folks who breaks out in hives because winter is just around the corner, this email is a bummer. Biggest hugs for you my friend.

But! The truth is, if you haven’t already started prepping for the holiday season it’s time to start.

Scrambling last minute to get your s*** together is not where you want to be. Here are a few things that you can do to prep for a unique holiday season!

Get consistent now.

You don’t want to be the gal who shows up only when she’s looking for the sale, aka Black Friday. NOW the time to provide helpful content & work on building those relationships. You want your perfect fit clients to be leaning forward in their seats to hear more from you when you’re ready to promote.

We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve for this one—here’s how to do it (instead of just saying you’re going to do it):

  1. Create all of your content at once. You can knock out an entire month in four hours, or spend 45 minutes a day trying to come up with post content.Batching also allows you to be more strategic. What do you want to promote this month? Do you want to focus on list-building before your big launch next month? Build content around your goals and it’ll not only be easier – it’ll also be much more effective!
  2. Document, rather than create. You don’t have to create a post for every single day if you’re not up to it.Show up in your feed a few times a week, but don’t hesitate to leave gaps where you can document what’s happening behind the scenes! Every single person on this planet wants to be a fly on the wall – and we all have accounts that we follow just to satisfy that curiosity.
    Oh, and another huge bonus – showing your process adds so much value to your offerings! Allowing your audience to see what it takes to get to the finished product is huge. We’re happy to pay a premium if we’ve seen some of the heart & soul that goes into product creation!
  3. Do the best you can with what you’ve got. Stop overthinking your content and just put something out there! To your audience, there is no difference between your 80% and their 100%. (Go ahead and tattoo that on my forehead)

    The more you flex that “done is better than perfect” muscle, the easier it will become. Really.

Make sure that your customers can purchase from you online.

Make the process as easy and frictionless as possible. Ensure that browsers have easy access to FAQs. Your digital presence will make or break your holiday season this year, so make sure it’s up to snuff!

Convenience is queen.

Give your clients the option to send their gifts directly to the recipient. If you have a physical product, offer to gift wrap and pop in a hand written note so that they don’t have to venture out. Convenience is going to win big in 2020.

Don’t be scared to sell.

“But I don’t want to be salesy!” is something I hear – and feel – often, so here’s a little kick in the pants for all of us. Here’s the thing. There is somebody out there, right now, who is wishing for the product that you offer.

If you’re in business, you’re solving problems and making lives better. Take some time to dig into these questions, and come up with a plan to sell a thing… and stick your neck out. THIS WILL HELP YOU SELL.

  1. What is your promise to your customers? Are you going to save them from googling till all hours of the night and tearing out their hair in frustration? Up their bottom line? Do you have a skill set that’ll allow you to accomplish something in a fraction of the time it will take them?
  2. Cast a vision for their life after purchasing from you. Is it better? (Duh. You know it is.)

Not asking for the sale means that you’re depriving them of a better version of their lives. I’m gonna say it – it is actually selfish to NOT give people the opportunity to buy from you, simply because you’re avoiding discomfort.

Listen. I get it. It’s freaking terrifying.

But at the end of the day, it’s up to us to stop making it so dang personal.

Nobody will move if you don’t ask them to – but if you guide your audience through their own success story, they’ll follow you anywhere. Go get ’em! ??


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