How to Sell Without Being Opportunistic


Here’s what I know about you. If you’re worried about this, there’s a solid chance that you have nothing to worry about… your heart is in the right place.

You are genuinely looking to serve your audience. Whether you’re putting out free information or a paid offer, the concept remains the same. Your people have a problem, you have a solution. It’s a shame not to share that.

Let’s dig into exactly how to market your offer (and be THRILLED to serve it up to your audience) even when you feel like we’ve got a planet full of sad piggy banks.

There is SO MUCH that hasn’t changed in the marketing game.

The journey from customer to client is always the same. First, someone is curious about you. You nurture that relationship by serving your audience. Then you invite them to a sale. And finally, you knock their socks off with an impeccable client experience.

Phase 1- 2: Attract and Nurture

Some of you have a few more people in the first couple of phases than you normally would.

That’s no reason to hide under a rock! Some of those people are going to hang out there forever – but when you’re consistently pouring value into them, they’ll be shouting your name from the rooftops.

Continuing to love on your readers and show your people how you are moving forward can also help ease some of their anxiety.

That might not mean dollars in your jeans today, but community is EVERYTHING.

What you do TODAY will determine where your business is in 3, or 6, or 12 months. When things turn around (and they will!) where do you want to be? For us, there’s no question – TOP. OF. MIND.

Phase 3: Invite

If you have anything available for online purchase, you are also going to have people that have accelerated very quickly to the third phase!

Look at anything related to homeschooling, kids’ craft subscription boxes, digital courses – that stuff is selling like hotcakes right now. What if the folks that created those had disappeared? They’re not feeling bad for making a little extra cash, because they are serving their audience in such a valuable way.

You are not the exception. How can you help your people right now? What is a priority for your audience? What knowledge do you have that’ll help them out?

There is no need to pivot your entire business – just think of the SIMPLEST way to get a solution into the hands of your audience, and run with it. Be a part of the solution.

What you do today determines your future. You know what to do!


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