How We’re Staying Focused & Inspired All Summer Long

How We're Staying Focused & Inspired All Summer Long

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Summer is well underway, and so far – I’m a fan!
I’m making sure we have time for everything & staying laser focused with a “CEO Date” every Monday morning. (I’ve done this sporadically throughout the year and it’s such a great way to kick off the week!)
Here’s what it looks like for me. Part 1 – Reflect
  • Sit down & journal for 10-15 minutes
  • What was my biggest win last week? Jot it down.

Part 2 – Set goals / intentions

  • What would make this week great?
  • Brain dump alllll of my to do’s
  • Set my top three tasks – one activity to help attract new faces to my brand, one sales generating activity, and one thing I can do to surprise & delight a current client
  • Schedule in any other tasks I want to tackle this week
  • Write down an affirmation for this week. It feels a little hippy dippy and is brand new to me, but I’m super curious about where this will lead! (Do you love affirmations? Tell me more! I am so intrigued.)
It looks like a lot, but I knock it out in about 30 minutes and helps me to be so much more intentional throughout the week!

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