Instagram Caption Ideas for Halloween

Fall is proof that change can be freaking BEAUTIFUL.

Things may be a little topsy turvy right now, so leave room in your content plan for encouragement & inspiration… we’re going to need it! October is the perfect time for learning, resilience, and ending the year strong, so if that fits in with your offers, go get ’em friend!

The end of this month is truly awful for trying to coordinate events. Your readers have Halloween, winter sports, and even if they had a solid handle on their fall routines in September they’re likely letting things slip a little now. October is a great month for time management tips & life hacks.

You probably have a few people in your audience that are purchasing their holiday gifts, but the majority of us don’t really dive in until November. That being said, you better believe gift research is happening RIGHT NOW, so make sure that you’re answering questions that might be coming up for potential buyers!

Oh, and quick heads up that Daylight Savings time is right around the corner too!


  • 11 Thanksgiving Day (Canada)

National Days

  • 10 World Mental Health Day
  • 17 Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day
  • 31 Halloween

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