Instagram Caption Ideas for November

Instagram Caption Ideas for November

Instagram Caption Ideas for November 2021

Looking for some Instagram caption ideas for November? This month has more big celebrations than any other month of the year. American Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday are NOISY days in social media land. You can choose to lay low, or you can take advantage of the energy & share some punchy content.

Here are a few Instagram caption ideas that’ll feel timely this month.

— Obviously, holiday shopping is *kind of* a big deal right now, so anything Christmas is obviously relevant. Gift ideas, holiday décor, treats, recipes, trees… you name it! 

— Funny enough, it’s also a great time to post on how to stick to a budget! How do you keep things on track throughout the holiday season? We *need* to know.

— If the snow hasn’t already flown, it’s going to start soon. If you have any handy tips for prepping the house, car, and kids for the winter season, now is the time!

— Give us all the instant pot recipes & slow cooker meals this month. We want all the cozy food!

— Let’s touch on mental health for a minute here, too. Daylight savings is this month and a lot of your readers are feeling a lot of things — whether it’s heartbreakingly normal seasonal blues, disappointment over the way things are shaking out with the pandemic, or the sheer chaos that every holiday season brings. Drop some content that feels like a warm hug to them, too.

There are a LOT of layers to Instagram and these templates and prompts can feel like a lot, but know this: you don’t have to do them all.

Learning to juggle doesn’t happen by throwing six plates into the air at once — it starts with one. Social media starts with one layer, too. Start by putting up 1-2 grid posts per week, and focus the rest of your energy on stories. Once you find your groove, it’ll be so much easier to add in layers like reels and extra posts.

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