Instagram Caption Ideas for October

Instagram Caption Ideas for October

Looking for some Instagram caption ideas for October? October is when the trees reveal all the colours they’ve hidden all year. People have Octobers, too. HECK YES they do!

—October is the perfect time for learning and ending the year strong, so if that fits in with your offers go get ’em friend!

—The end of this month is truly awful for trying to coordinate events. Your readers may have winter sports, Halloween, and even if they had a solid handle on their fall routines in September they’re probably letting things slip a little now. October is a great month for time management tips & life hacks.

—You’ll probably have a few people in your audience that are purchasing their holiday gifts, but the majority of us don’t dive in until November. That being said, gift research is happening month so make sure that you’re answering questions that might be coming up for potential buyers.

If you’re feeling a little frazzled, we’ve got something extra for you. Social media can be a lot, especially in seasons like this—so it’s the perfect time to streamline your Instagram content creation process. 

Here are a couple of Instagram caption ideas you can use this October… and yes, we’ve included a little treat for Halloween. 😉

  • “How I stay organized as a _________”

Share a quick tip on how you keep a handle on everything. This doesn’t have to be rocket science so don’t overthink it—a lot of times your readers appreciate a quick reminder of something that they know already but haven’t been implementing lately. (Morning / evening routine? Heck yeah!)

  • A trick AND a treat

Give ’em your best industry trick, then drop a discount on a product or service booked between now and Halloween to help take it a step further.

  • What candy are you stealing from the kids?

Lots of people are posting their pics on Halloween, so pop in—but keep it light! You can legit ask ANY Halloween related question. This is an easy peasy day to give your engagement a little boost!

  • “How I ____ in just three days”

    Or heck, three minutes if that’s more applicable to whatever you’re up to. Share a quick hack to help your audience get the results they’re looking for in a little bit of super focused time.

Do you like these Instagram caption ideas for October and Halloween? They will work great as Instagram stories as well. Plus, there’s a whole lot more of this over on our Instagram and in the toolbox!

Feeling overwhelmed by the content creation hamster wheel? Join the toolbox — we’ve got caption templates that’ll take your reader on a journey from curiosity right through to the sale… and you’ll knock out your content in a fraction of the time. Sign up now!

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