Instagram Caption Ideas for September

Instagram Caption Ideas for September

Ahhhh, September. The fall new year. Kick this season off on the right foot and grab these Instagram caption ideas for September. You’ll have this month’s social media content done and dusted SO FAST! We’re feeling fired up & fresh for a new season—and we’re not broke and exhausted from the holidays, so it’s pretty rad.

—It’s important to show up NOW to build up trust and loyalty before the busiest buying of the year in November and December. You don’t want to be the gal who shows up on Black Friday with a promo after sporadic posting all year long… because nobody’ll hear you. (Don’t stress, it’ll be easy with this toolbox)

—If you’ve got anything related to productivity or fresh starts, we hope you’ve been promoting it! If not, it isn’t too late… but hop on that train now. This is THE time of year for you.

—Folks who struggle with seasonal blues are probably starting to feel it a little. If you’ve got wellness tips or products you can share, your readers will be all ears right now!

There are a LOT of layers to Instagram and these templates and prompts can feel like a lot, but know this: you don’t have to do them all. 

Here are 3 Instagram caption ideas for September.

  1. “How to know you’re talking to a good ____”
    This post is helpful to your readers, AND it’ll position you as an expert. Double win. Posts like these are where trust and loyalty come from.
  2. “I’m a night owl: true or false?”
    An introduction, true or false style: easy, fun, mega engaging, and a refreshing way to share a little bit about your beautiful quirky self.
    Want some q’s to make it even easier?

    • I always run my gas tank way too close to empty: true or false?
    • I have my toenails polished 100% of the time: true or false?
    • I prefer sweet over salty foods: true or false?
    • I taught myself to swim as an adult: true or false?
    • I could do this all day: TRUE. ?
  3. “We’re booked up, but hit reply to get on the waitlist!”
    Let your readers know how they can work with you! This sounds so obvious, but it’s something that we have to repeat time and again. How far in advance are you booking? What does the process of working with you look like? Is there something that folks can purchase from you right now?
    Your audience needs to know this stuff before they’ll take action! And it’s too easy to let this one slip.

There’s lots of juicy content in this month’s edition of the toolbox. If you’re ready to bring your A-game, you’ll want to sign up now and knock out your September Instagram content.

Feeling overwhelmed by the content creation hamster wheel? Join the toolbox — we’ve got caption templates that’ll take your reader on a journey from curiosity right through to the sale… and you’ll knock out your content in a fraction of the time. Sign up now!

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