Instagram Captions to Use in February

Here are some Instagram captions to use in February. Valentine’s Day is this month, so don’t be shy about sharing a little extra love (heck, the world sure needs it right now). 

Here are a couple of Instagram caption ideas you can use in February and for Valentine’s Day:


5 basics every [perfect fit client, ie working mom / woman in her 30’s etc] needs in her [closet / kitchen / office space]

Pro tip: Be strategic about this one… tag folks who have a similar audience to yours so that you can scoop up some extra exposure! If you’ve got a Valentine’s Day promotion coming up, put a spin on this and make it work for whatever you’ve got goin’ on.


Gift guides are a powerful marketing tool, which is why they’re super popular around Christmas. But they can go beyond that too — back to school, Mother’s Day, or even any-occasions like thank you gifts or birthdays.

Do a Valentine’s Gift Guide early on so that you can promote it for a couple of weeks instead of just once.

And of course, always share the love by tagging, tagging, tagging!

Let’s face it: half the fun of any holiday is the anticipation. No matter what you’re doing for Valentine’s, we’ve got lots of ideas for how to sweeten the celebration (Hallmark holiday or not).

Here are our top faves for giving your [what your perfect fit person cares about, ie self, biz, kids, etc] a little love this year!

There you have it! A couple of EASY TO USE Instagram captions to use in February. Want more? We’ve got DOZENS of caption templates, story ideas, and reel ideas to round out your strategy right here:


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