Instagram Captions to Use in January

Instagram Captions to Use in January

Here are some Instagram captions to use in January. You guys WE MADE IT. Hellloooooo 2022! Whether you’re a goal setter or not, there’s something new and fresh about flipping the calendar page to January 1st—and here we are. A new year is all about good intentions—folks want to be more organized, more healthy, and get it together. Keep this in mind for your January Instagram content — inspiration and quick, helpful tidbits will perform exceptionally well!

Here are a couple of Instagram caption ideas you can use in January:

  • “Quit it.”

What do your readers need to QUIT doing this year? This post will do better if you go against some popular industry advice… so is there anything that really gets your goat? (For me, it’s implementing all of the shiny new marketing tactics without an underlying strategy.)

  • “How to start ___”

What does your perfect fit client want her life to look like this month? In six months? In a year? Let them know where to start. The trick is to use the TEENIEST baby steps here.

  • Best Investment

What’s the best investment you made in your business last year? Paint a picture of how it helped you go from A to B! It’s super helpful to your audience, but here’s a little bonus to think about: one of our most lucrative lead sources last year was sticking around and shouting out a business mentor after purchasing her program. It got her audience’s eyes on our stuff and because it was a stretch investment, it attracted some perfect fit clients. Be strategic about this one, and don’t hesitate to shout them out in your stories a few times.

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I don’t know about you, but I am SO EXCITED to tackle the goals I’ve set for myself and business for 2022. Are you a goal setter too? (Just kidding… if you’ve read this far, I already know you are hahaha)

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